Beyonce Brings ‘Serfbort’ Realness To Grammy’s During “Drunk In Love” Performance With Jay-Z

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Last night, Beyonce fans all over the country were yelling yasssssss when Beyonce popped up on the screen as the opening performer at the Grammy Awards. During the first half of the performance, the singer displayed “surfbort” behavior all over the black chair that she used onstage as a prop. Bey brought video realness to the stage while surfing and swimming all over the stage in a black leotard and rocking a moosed up curly bob.

Hov couldn’t keep his eyes and hands to himself when he joined Bey on stage to rap his Drunk In Love verse. The chemistry was dynamic but some say the two could have done a better job.

Beyonce, Jay-Z

You be the judge! Watch the full performance below.

Mobile viewers watch below.

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