Basketball Wives LA Newest Cast Member Revealed!!!

Basketball Wives LA Newest Cast Member Revealed!!!

BBWLA-Newest-Cast-MemberLooks like the new cast member on Basketball Wives LA is Philadelphia native Sundy Carter. Sundy along with Brandy Maxiell, wife of the Orlando Magic’s Jason Maxiell will be staring on this seasons show. You may have seen Sundy in a couple of episodes of BBW LA last season when she appeared as Jackie’s close friend.

Get the deets on Sundy below.


Some may recall the internet scandal earlier this year in which Sundy or an “alleged hacker” posted a pic of Sundy’s 16-year-old daughter giving oral sex to the daughter’s boyfriend. Supposedly Sundy or the alleged hacker posted the pic as a punishment for her daughter acting out. Hmm… pretty far fetched, right? But it got crazier when Sundy asked her followers to help her in finding her daughter when she was “taken” by her daughter’s boyfriend after the pic was posted. Sundy’s daughter was found the following day.


But this isn’t the only craziness that Sundy’s been involved with. A couple of years back, Sundy bore an illegitimate daughter named Kennedy (pictured with Sundy above) whose father is allegedly NBA player Larry Hughes. Funny, because Larry Hughes has been married to Carrie Hughes for many years now, including when this scandal hit the surface. The married couple have four children and appear to be a happy family.


Sundy has also appeared in a couple of music videos and starred as Beanie Sigel’s girlfriend in the movie State Property. All of the drama surrounding Miss Sundy seems like it will make for an interesting season of BBW LA.

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