Aubrey O’ Day Throws Shade At D. Woods And D. Woods Snaps Back

Fans are still enjoying Danity Kane’s recent comeback performance, meanwhile back at the ranch Aubrey O’ Day is throwing shade at D. Woods who will not be re-uniting with her former band mates.

According to TMZ, D.Woods claims that she would have loved to perform with the girls during their recent performance in L.A. at the House of Blues but she wasn’t invited. Chile cheddah’!

Over the summer when the girls first re-united without her she stated the same thing but Dawn cleared the air  and let everyone know that D. Woods was invited but didn’t show up to their initial meeting.  Also, D.Woods may or may not remember that she released a statement in which she made it very clear that she would not be reuniting with the rest of Danity Kane. So who’s lying?

Anyway, when Aubrey heard about D. Woods’ interview with TMZ she headed over to Instagram and posted of herself and the girls from their recent House of Blues concert and she captioned it:

Do you spend your time takin interviews or, do you work? 

Sidebar: Woot tried her!

D. Woods retweeted the photo and snapped back:

That was cute @aubreyoday my attorney will be coming for my cut off that WORK #stillusingmyvocals

This could get ugly. Play nice ladies!

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