Are They Dating? Nelly And Tae Heckard Share Bowling Date Photos

Nelly has never been the one to publicly profess his love for a female. He dated Ashanti for 10 years and although we saw tons of photos he never verbally admitted to dating her. Tae is no different. Recently, while on Wendy he dodged the question of being in a relationship with Tae and said that they were just friends. Well Nelly this pic has ‘Yes! I’m in love’  with Tae written all over it! Ha!

Although the two have been secretly dating for months, Tae gave us a glimpse of her date night with Nelly when she posted the above photo on Intagram. The two spent some time bowling and according to Tae, Nelly couldn’t keep up with her. She captioned the photo:

Him mad cause I’m a beast in bowling. #cookienomilk #imlying #ialmostsliddownthelanewiththeball #hehadtosaveme #ibeatblueanddeemarietho

In case you missed Nelly’s interview with Wendy, watch it below.

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