Are Keyshia Cole’s Tweets Aimed At Boobie’s Alleged Stripper Girlfriend? “U Can Have Him Boo. #Trust”


Is it finally over between Keyshia Cole and her hubby Boobie?

For months we’ve been following what seems to be a troubled relationship when it comes to Keyshia and her husband Daniel “Boobie” Gibson. At one point we even blogged about she and her husband airing each other out on Twitter so this situation comes as no shocker.

A while back Boobie posted the above photo of himself and a Houston stripper named Ciara in the strip club. Reportedly, Ciara came up over $4,000 dollars off of Boobie’s hard earned cash and its been rumored that the two are dating. Even though no one is confirming that Keyshia and Boobie are separated it’s quite odd to see a married man post a picture of him in the strip club with another woman.

Keyshia’s most recent tweets has us even more in question. Were these tweets aimed at Boobie’s alleged new stripper boo?

On February 4th she wrote:

@keyshiacole: Shame.

@keyshiacole: You have to GO! Take yo ass back to HTown! U can have him boo. #Trust

@keyshiacole: Yea I made some good money off that one. What up? RT @JHONNIBLAZE: I should of cheated looking ass @KeyshiaCole lol

The following day she followed up with:

@keyshiacole: So mad?

@keyshiacole: Confused?

And later on that night she hopped on Instagram to share her feelings.

photo (42)

It’s a respect thing. No hate. Being honest and truthful May seem harsh or uncalled for at times. But relationships last longer that way. I guess that’s just knowing the one you love tho. GNight. No love lost. God got me to this point. He’s the only one who can take me out.

So what do you guys think? Is it really over?

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