A Super Turnt Up Rihanna Wobbles Out Of Open’er Music Fest

Turn up Rih Rih !

Normally there is at least one responsible friend out of the crew to take care of the drunk friends. Not in Rihanna’s case.

A super drunk Rihanna and her friends were recorded this past weekend leaving the Open’er Music Fest in Portland barely walking. The whole crew was bodied including her best friend Melissa and her assistant Jen Rosales. Rihanna and Melissa had to almost be carried out by body guards as they stumbled out of the venue. Miguel was there and although it seems as if he was having fun he probably didn’t want any parts of the turn up. Ha!

Watch it below.


What good is being a celebrity if you can’t get wasted in public with your friends.

Peep Rihanna and Miguel hanging out.

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