Deelishis Admits That Drake Is The Best She’s Ever Had And She Can Sit On “IT” Whenever She Wants


I like my girls BBW!

Chaa this is tea to us. Now we know what all these women are going crazy over. 

So about a month or so ago, the former Flava of Love reality star Deelishis stopped by Kandi Burruss’ Kandi Koated Nights online talk show. While there Deelishis was asked who was the best she ever had and we were shocked to find out it was the 6 God. She mentioned that because they strictly share a friends with benefits relationship that enables her to sit on it whenever she wants to. Ha!

According to The Shade Room, her conversation with Kandi went as follows:

Kandi: So what’s the best you ever had

Deelishis: There’s this guy…this rapper guy..he sometimes sings in his raps.

Kandi’s Co-Host: He’s a rapper from Toronto

Deelishis: laughs

Kandi: So he’s actually good in bed.

Deelishis: He’s excellent in bed.

Kandi’s Co-Host: Deelishis, you been on your worst behavior. Deelishis started from the bottom now she here.

Although her rumored boo Wiz doesn’t have the juice like Drizzy when it comes to laying the eggpplant, she did mention him in the interview and talked about how awkward it became after befriending him and cutting him off because of it.

So here’s Wiz, he’s a really nice guy. He’s cool. He’s a stoner. They got together and I thought it was a really nice union. However, when I was approached with going out to the concert or whatever– I’m still a woman– and I don’t know her personally so I don’t have any responsibility or any loyalty to ‘Yo, I can’t talk to you because you were once married to Amber Rose.’ No, she’s one that I respect as an entertainer but I don’t know her. So I obliged. And from the that that happened, then I was a problem because I was breaking up a marriage or a happy home. No. I was not around when that house was being wrecked. I don’t know anything about the wrecking of that home. I just said ok to an offer to go to a concert and we became friends. But as it became a big frenzy, I felt a little uncomfortable. But we’re still cool.

Source: The Shade Room 


Iyanla Vanzant Gets Kicked Out Of Karrueche’s House During Emotional Interview About Chris Brown

FullSizeRender (8)

 Remember how souped we all were when Evelyn Lozada sat down with Iyanla after her break up with Chad? Chaaa this might be better! HA!

Karrueche has chosen to break her silence and is spilling tea on what it was like dating her longtime singer boyfriend Chris Brown. In an emotional heart to heart interview Karrueche will sit down with Iyanla Vanzant to set the record straight. For the first time ever Karrueche is opening up about Chris cheating on her, the decision to date Chris after the Rihanna “beating” and on what the break up was like after she found out about Chris’ alleged 9 month old baby.

Karrueche agreed to do this interview only because she was promised that things would remain positive. But when she felt like Iyanla didn’t believe her and was hounding her for answers Karrueche’s manager kicked Iyanla and the OWN crew out the “daw”. HA!

We’re told that things cooled down after a few hours and they were invited back into the home to finish up with the interview.

The show is set to air this Saturday on OWN at 8 pm.

Catch a preview below.



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See Pics: Did Chris Brown’s Alleged Baby Mother Nia And Daughter Royalty Visit Him On Tour?

EXCLUSIVE: First pictures of Chris Brown's baby Royalty entering Chris's tour bus with mother Nia Guzman-Amey and half sister in Houston, Texas.

Baby Royalty and her mother Nia Guzman were pictured in Houston on Monday in front of Chris Brown’s tour bus.

According to TMZ the two were picked up in a limo from the Houston hotel they were staying at to meet Chris for some “father-daughter” bonding. Nia and her half-sister were escorted to the bus by Chris’ bodyguard where they met with him so he could spend time with the baby.

This only fuels rumors that the baby is his. And if this is true why did they have to meet him on the bus? He couldn’t arrange something classier?  -___-

See more photos below.

EXCLUSIVE: First pictures of Chris Brown's baby Royalty entering Chris's tour bus with mother Nia Guzman-Amey and half sister in Houston, Texas. EXCLUSIVE: First pictures of Chris Brown's baby Royalty entering Chris's tour bus with mother Nia Guzman-Amey and half sister in Houston, Texas.

Meanwhile Karrueche appears to be living it up on somebody’s beach and showing off all of her assets on the gram.

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Kelly Rowland, Tim Witherspoon And Baby Titan Graces April Issue Of Essence

ESSENCE-Kelly Rowland April Cover

 Gorgeous family Kelz!

Kelly Rowland and her beautiful family has snagged the April issue of Essence Magazine. In this issue Kelly discusses her new found happiness referencing her husband Tim Witherspoon and adorable son Titan Jewell Witherspoon.

Kelly’s life unexpectedly went on a downward spiral when she suddenly lost her mother back in December. But with the help of caring family members Kelz has been able to stay strong and optimistic. 

She tells Essence:

My road to my happiness hasn’t been an easy one. It hasn’t been peachy all the time, but I am so, so happy, surrounded with so much love.

And just like her verse states in Cater To You, Kelly aims to please her hubby.

 ‘My priority is my husband first,’ she says, laughing. ‘That’s how the baby got there.’

I know that’s right boo. Ha!

See more photos below.

kellyrowland4 Timothy-Witherspoon-Kelly-Rowland-Titan-Essence-Magazine-2015-2


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Jody And Yvette Re-Uniting On “Empire”? “Homies Are Telling Me I Gotta Get My Bit-h Back”


Bye Jody!

And your favorite show Empire may have just gotten a tad bit better. Just the other day Tyrese hopped on Instagram as “Jody” and alluded that he may be joining Empire to get his girl “Yvette” back and that he isn’t feeling her new name Cookie.

I’m not cool with all these dudes feeling all up on Yvette and Its on TV? I heard they call her Cookie now? The homies are telling me I gotta gotta get my bitch back.. I guess I gotta change my name too and go do some show called #Empire? Cause that’s where Yvette is now under her alias #Cookie? Damn…. see you soon —–Jody


Whether Jody likes it or not Derek Luke a.k.a Cookie’s new man Malcolm had no issues letting him know that he can’t keep his hands out of Cookie’s Cookie Jar.

From one talented brother to the next @Tyrese you know how us darkskin brothers do. Jody couldn’t keep his hands off Yvette but now Malcolm can’t keep his hands out of that cookie jar#CookieMonster #teammalcolm #Empire

Lol I’m sorry I had to do it out of fun. I Kept seeing this post & I couldn’t pass it up anymore. Love you brother @Tyrese


Ha! This should be good. Will you be watching?

Leaked Audio: Ray J Admits To Dating And Using Whitney Houston For Fame


Ray J has mastered the art of staying relevant. Ha!

Somehow, some way audio of Ray J talking about his former ex-boo Whitney Houston has managed to hit the web. In the leaked audio you’ll hear Ray tell the story of him being in his prime during that time which is why he would never fully commit to her. The One Wish singer admits to boasting off of being a player and that he was pretty much using her to get more famous. Although Ray says he was receiving opportunities of a lifetime from dating her he indicates that he was very unhappy with Whitney which is why he let her go.

Read more and listen to the full audio below.

 I was right at the peak of the Kim K. sex tape, Whitney Houston just I’m on top of the world as far as being a bad boy so at that point you know what’s up. You’re gonna’ be with me when I want you to be with me. And then when we’re not together imma’ be with her or whoever the fu-k I wanna’ be with. You know wassup with me… Publicly you know what I do. 

And how did you feel about that internally?

At that point I was boasting off of it. I didn’t have anybody to be like hold on, cut all of this sh-t out and reconstruct your career now. You feel what I’m saying? Reconstruct it now. 

Once the Whitney “thing” happened you had that?:

I could’ve reconstructed crazy. But a lot of people was turned off cause she was big. And I was getting her right but she was a little older and her image in the past wasn’t as solid as I would’ve got with a Mariah Carey.

You could’ve been the guy to turn her around after the Bobby “thing”:

I would’ve had to be with her though. And that was something that everyday that I was with her I was not happy… I was not happy. And I saw myself, I was like yo I’m on top of the world… look at all the people I’m shaking hands with right now. Like right now today, or when I was with her. On top of the world, like literally… like the dude said. I would sit at dinner and people would come in, the prince of whatever and be like ‘yo we want to give you this’ and I’d be like ‘cool’ but I wasn’t happy.  She was yearning for me for everything. She was yearning you feel what I’m saying and I was unhappy. So I didn’t want to sell my soul for that. Knowing that it’s not right, knowing that I’m playing with her mind a little bit to get me somewhere, but what’s crazy is that now that you tell me that, I can still do that. The new man can do that. I’m just saying as the new man we have that option and we should take advantage of that option.

You should do her right.:

I always do her right.  Before we were really right do you know how long it took me to really make it right with her. 

Is she clean?:

Absolutely! I mean until… if I want her to be

The audio ends abruptly when Ray is asked if Whitney is living a drug-free lifestyle. Hmmmm. Take a listen below.

New Video: Rae Sremmurd “Throw Some Mo” ft. Nicki Minaj And Young Thug


 Ass fat!

Rae Sremmurd had plenty of money to toss around in his latest visual Throw Some Mo’ ft. Nicki Minaj and Young Thug.

Throughout the visual dancers gave the rappers inspiration to throw some mo as they twirled around stripper poles on a L.A. skating rink floor. And when they were finished with the twerk fest that took place in the locker room, the head barb stepped in and stole the show rocking a hot pink Versace fur.

Birdman and Mike Will Made It joined Thugga Thugga in the parking lot towards the end.

Get into the video below.

New Video: Ciara “I Bet”

FullSizeRender (3) FullSizeRender (4) FullSizeRender (5) FullSizeRender (6)

Remember that little ballerina that spun around when you would open your jewelry box as a child? Well Ciara has brought baby girl to life in her new break up video I Bet.

Sucks that we’re writing about this. Just a year ago Ciara and Future had become one of our favorite couples. Now the singer is sending her ex fiance a friendly reminder of what he’s missing out on in a series of ballet moves and slow dances. Ciara displays melancholy while draped in a pink tu tu but don’t get it twisted that white leotard is coming with a whole lot of sass!

Well what are you waiting for? Check out Ci Ci’s new visual below.

Yikes! Chris Brown Lashes Out Over Baby Rumors

FullSizeRender (2)

So by now we’re sure you’ve heard about Chris Brown’s rumored 9 month old baby. Just to give you a little back story Chris’ alleged “baby mama” used to be good friends with Karrueche’s best friend Christina Milian and she goes by the name of Nia. Karrueche ended up finding out about Nia when Chris’ road manager accidentally sent her Nia’s itinerary. So apparently Chris had been booking flights for ole’ girl. Karrueche hopped on Twitter that day and tweeted:

Ya’ll know a Nia?

and later deleted it.

A few days later news broke that Chris and this Nia chick had secretly birthed a 9 month old little girl named Royalty. Didn’t take long for Chris’ on and off girlfriend Tran to take to Twitter again. This time it sounds like she may be done for good. She wrote:

Listen. One can only take so much. The best of luck to Chris and his family. No baby drama for me.

Chris hasn’t uttered a word about the situation up until last night after being fed up with fans hounding him about the situation. He clapped back at fans under an Instagram post stating the following:

How ya’ll kiss my a–. Ima post what the fu-k I want, say what I want when I want. I don’t owe you nosey muhfu-kas a damn thing. This FRUITZ #500

Welp there it is!

Christina Milian and her boo Lil Wayne also threw in their 2 cents.

Christina tweeted:

Besties Be Like… #WeAintWorried

Lil Wayne tweeted:

Free CB! Mane it’s hard out here for a pimp! #FWA

Here’s a pic of Nia and the baby. nia-chris-browns-baby-photo

Is Dame Dash Calling Jay-Z A Snitch? “There Has To Be Some Truth To It”

jay-z-dame-dashAfter nearly a decade Dame Dash and Jay-Z shook hands and re-united back in 2013 during a mutual friend’s birthday celebration. Since then the two were spotted backstage during a Hov concert flicking it up with Dame’s daughter. We assumed that their bromance was still in tact but aparently it isn’t.

Dame stopped by Sway In The Morning and below is what he had to say about his former business partner:

I don’t have a beef with [Jay Z], I never did. We just approach business different.

At this very moment, based of what I read in the paper. This is the one time that the paper did scare me, where I was like, ‘There has to be some truth to it.’ It’s when I read about his affiliation with informants. He’s in business with certain people. It’s tricky for me to say, but based on where I’m from, I can’t have nothing to do with that.

It’s paper work, so it’s not to believe. There’s paper work. That part of it scares me because I know Kareem ‘Biggs’ [Burke] (Roc-A-Fella founder) is in jail. I know Irv Gotti has been harassed for years for sh*t he didn’t do. They’ve been f*cking with me for years. So, it just means I need to stay over here.

I love Jay, but let’s just say, I find out any of that sh*t [is true], I can’t f-ck with him at all. It’s real serious for me. My man’s in jail, for three years, over weed. The feds is really on me. Where I’m from, that sh*t is not tolerated at all.

Why are the Feds on me?

I don’t know why. I’m not making no accusations, but based on where we from, that doesn’t fly.

It’s likely Dame is referring to a past New York Daily News report that said Jay is in business with a woman named Desiree Perez, who is the wife of the mogul’s longtime associate Juan Perez. She’s said to have “major behind-the-scenes influence” at Roc Nation, though she is not officially an employee, officer or agent at the company.


Catch the full interview below.<!


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