Lupita Nyong’o Is People Magazine’s World’s Most Beautiful Person

Lupita Nyong’o can’t do any wrong these days! The Kenyan beauty just snagged the title of World’s Most Beautiful Person in People Magazine out of the 50 people on the list. While she also holds the title as the new face of Lancome she understands that beauty is far more than skin deep. She admits that some of her biggest compliments have come from days when she wasn’t wearing any makeup and her hair wasn’t done. Lupita tells People Magazine:

…when I have been called beautiful with not one drop of makeup on. And also before I comb my hair or put on a pretty dress. Happiness is the most important thing.

As a teen Lupita struggled with the thought of being beautiful and measured her beauty by what she saw on television.

Light skin and long, flowing, straight hair,” she says. “Subconsciously you start to appreciate those things more than what you possess.” Her mother, Dorothy, who is the managing director and head of PR for the Africa Cancer Foundation, “always said I was beautiful,” Nyong’o adds. “And I finally believed her at some point.”

We’re so happy that she did because she’s inspiring women of color who are faced with some of those same challenges today. Furthermore she’s just been pegged as the World’s Most Beautiful Person outside of winning an Oscar and other accolades she’s reached throughout this year and she sees it as a big accomplishment.

It was exciting and just a major, major compliment. I was happy for all the girls who would see me on [it] and feel a little more seen.

Watch her behind the scenes footage below.

Congrats Lupita!

KeKe Palmer Youngest Talk Show Host Ever: Lands New Talk Show On BET


Congrats KeKe!

Actress KeKe Palmer is following in the footsteps of talk show queens such as Oprah Winfrey ,Wendy Williams and Queen Latifah. The 20-year-old star will host a daily talk show on BET titled The KeKe Palmer Project, making her the youngest talk show host in television history. A four week test run of KeKe’s new show is scheduled to air Monday through Friday beginning in July.

Produced by Judge Greg Mathis’ company Telepictures and Mathis Productions, The KeKe Palmer Project is geared towards the millennial generation. The show will include engaging segments on topics ranging from pop culture to social issues. Not to mention KeKe will sit-down with some of your favorite celebrities for interviews.

On Monday, KeKe who happens to be very in touch with her social media followers revealed:

I like to read quotes that touch on how I am feeling. If I am dealing with confusion, I will read quotes about clarity and peace of mind. I started posting these quotes on my Twitter page, and fans responded so positively! I realized that many of them were dealing with similar issues, and the quotes helped to open up a genuine dialogue between us.

Will you be watching this summer?


Photo via Atlanta Black Star

Wendy Williams Covers Uptown Magazine: Talks Beef With Diddy, Challenges Faced With Family Members And Coming Full Circle


Behind that huge personality she’s just a regular girl who struggles and faces some of the same adversities that we encounter. Wendy Williams is gracing the latest issue of Uptown Magazine and she looks gorgeous.

Things haven’t always been peachy cream for our favorite talk show host. Wendy’s prestigious parents weren’t always pleased with the loud mouth girl who spoke about others on the radio, like Diddy for example. During Wendy’s radio days she and Puffy weren’t the best of friends but she’s put that all behind her now and would love for him to come on her show. Although she may not let things concerning her career affect her as much anymore she continues to deal with personal problems in hindisght like the miscarriages, drug addiction and unhealthy relationship with her son.

Inside Wendy takes you through her life journey as she talks about what it was like growing up as a child, doing radio in the 90′s and the challenges that came along with it and what its like to be married and have a family as an African-American woman.

Peep the excerpts below.

On what her childhood was like:

Wendy Joan Williams was born July 18, 1964, in Asbury Park, New Jersey, to Thomas and Shirley Williams, who also have an older daughter and younger son.

A lot of my parents’ friends were engineers, doctors and lawyers,” she remembers. It sounds very much like a Cosby Show existence, I say. “Yes! And I was Lisa Bonet. But, you see how that turned out.”

Bonet’s character Denise Huxtable was a bit of a firebrand, and parents Heathcliff and Clair both worried about her future: so yes, Williams is correct in comparison. Tom and Shirley were especially concerned during their daughter’s tumultuous tenure at Hot 97. “My parents were very embarrassed by the way I conducted myself on the radio and I know that,” she admits. “They would fake happy, meanwhile their friends would say, ‘That Wendy is something else.’ But I was getting popularity from being that ‘something else.’ But I don’t think that was what my parents had in mind when they thought of my career. My older sister is an attorney and my younger brother is a schoolteacher. No, I wasn’t out there doing full splits in Playboy magazine, but it is still not what my parents would have wanted me to gravitate to.”

On her career:

“I was in my early 20s, making $60,000 a year, with no student loans or car note,” she says with the same verge she probably felt at that time in her life. “That was rich! I was running around Manhattan, doing my thing.”

Back in the ’90s and 2000s, the media referred to Williams as the “female Howard Stern,” because of her willingness to say anything and for her sometimes uncomfortable, confrontational interview style.

Who I am right now is exactly who I was on radio. The difference is, now I am 49 years old. There are certain things that I had beaten to death. I had to move on. These other little girls in radio can now imitate me. I am not going to sit in that purple chair and act like I am! I invented I was doing that long before it existed. But, I was not raised like that.

On beef with Diddy:

“How You Doin’?” was originally created as a code phrase for a man who might be gay. Puff Daddy (as Diddy was known then and has, according to recent reports, re-appropriated) dominated the radio waves and, with his Bad Boy Records brigade of groups and seemingly endless parade of hits, was hip-hop’s reigning emperor. And still, despite Hot 97’s heavy dependence on his supply, even he wasn’t off-limits in Williams’ daily gossip bombs and sticky innuendos. Then, in 1998, Hot 97 unceremoniously fired her.

And would you have a nemesis from your past, such as Puff Daddy, on your show now? “If I had a problem with you in the past, chances are I have moved on. I have a good life,” she says. Her eyes begin to water again. “My parents have seen me go from a loser to a winner. Most people don’t have the luxury of their parents seeing them come full circle. I feel sexy and I feel very accomplished. I have my family. I am grateful. And if Puffy did come on my show, he would have to remove those damn sunglasses.”

“I regret nothing in my radio career, nothing,” says Williams, who also struggled with substance abuse during those times. She’s publicly stated that she stopped using drugs in the late ’90s because she wanted better for herself, which included being a wife and a mother. “I had to be that person back then to be the person I am today. The person who was on the radio then was authentically me. We all have our sloppy, greasy side. My original Wendy listeners, here in New York, they grew up with me. They come up to me all the time and say, ‘Oh, I have been listening to you since I was 12.’ I feel proud. I am glad that I have been able to evolve.”

On being married and challenges she’s faced with her son:

“I first met Kevin almost 21 years ago. He was a good person, raised in not so good conditions. While his type was not what I was raised to bring home, I really liked him. Maybe the Martin Luther King, Barack Obama type isn’t for everybody.”

“He is my manager, co-executive producer of the show and my biggest productive cheerleader. I love him.” On January 20, 2014, while on-air, Williams broke out in tears, sobbing that her son, Kevin, Jr., 13, does not like her. Despite that emotional episode, she says she is not envious of her son’s strong relationship with his father; in fact, it makes her proud. “I love that he has his father. It’s a great thing, a black boy and his black father,” she says before tearing up. Is raising a teenage black son scary in light of the fates of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis? “Yes, it is. But we teach him he is public enemy number one and his job is to dispel that.” She starts to cry. While reaching for a tissue, she whispers, “Sometimes, I will stand at our front door and watch Little Kev and his father drive off until I see the last puff of smoke from the car’s exhaust. Then, I say to myself, ‘It’s good.’

On being proud of coming full circle:

“It makes me so proud that my black mother and my black father can sit in my audience and the camera can zoom in on them and, without them saying a word, the world sees: ‘Oh my God, there is a full black family!’ And my parents have been married for a hundred years! And, when my black husband and my black behind can pull up to my black son’s school for a parent-teacher night and they see a full black family, that is really important. We need to discuss race not necessarily because I am being followed in the mall because someone knows that I am Wendy Williams, but because I am a black woman in the mall at 2 o’clock in the afternoon.”

Full read here.

Mimi And Nikko On Sex Tape Critics: Joseline Is Just Jealous, Stevie J. Isn’t Relevant, Mimi Wasn’t Too Old, And Gives Shower Rod Tips

photo 1 photo 3 (89) photo 2

In a newly released interview, Mimi and Nikko are addressing every critic who has something to say about their sex tape. Including Joseline who went ham on Mimi via Instagram and Twitter after the tape was released saying things like, “What they got this ho- under? Granny porn?”. Well Mimi explains that Joseline is just jealous because the shine is no longer on her. She had this to say about Joseline:

…She also went and reposted a picture of her spreading her vagina to the world. She also has a video on World Star for free where she’s fingering herself and everything else. So she’s just a little upset that the shine isn’t on her. 

And when it comes to Stevie J, Nikko says:

He’s not even relevant right now.

Mimi: Stevie has moved on. I’ve moved on and his opinion about it doesn’t sway anything that I do or am doing when we aren’t together.

Nikko: Yeah. I think he should be mad at the fact that he lost something so great. That’s what he should be mad at. But coming at me, nah he lost that already. It’s over but tell him to come if he wants to come.

Mimi: Here we are!


When asked if Mimi thought she was too old to make a sex tape they stated the following.

Mimi: Too old? What is too old to tape yourself mean? 

Nikko: She’s shutting down 20 year olds. 20 year olds is coming up to her like Mimi how do you get your stomach like that? I wanna work out with you. It is what it is we not really feeding into all the negativity that’s coming to us. 

Later Mimi gave shower rod tips. She says:

We decided to take a shower and I grabbed onto it to get a little more leverage. What ya’ll gotta understand is that its not just the rod, your partner has to be able to support your weight… ladies (laughs). I wasn’t just swinging from the rod by myself he was holding me. 

Nikko: It wasn’t a Tarzan moment. We really want to educate you guys on this shower rod because we don’t want you guys going out there breaking your neck thinking that its a certain shower rod out there. 

Mimi and Nikko says that the tape was never intended to be shopped or hit the internet, it was simply a home made movie that somehow leaked. So we’ll just ignore the fact that they had a whole videographer filming their shower scene. Cha! 

They cleared VH1′s name by stating that Love and Hip Hop had nothing to do with this but they had to let them know what was going on because it was happening in their real lives. Messy girl!

Watch the full interview below.

Save The Date: Lil Kim Reveals Sex Of The Baby And Announces Date Of Baby Shower


Back in February we were shocked when Kim showed up to New York Fashion Week wearing a huge baby bump. Not only were we shocked by the pregnancy but we had no clue who the baby’s father was until Lil Kim’s long time boyfriend, Mr. Papers, came forth.

Mr. Papers not only revealed that he was the baby’s father but he also said that the two would be having a boy. Months later Kim has come forth with news of them birthing a girl.

On Easter Kim broke the news to her Instagram followers with a picture of her baby shower invitations. The caption read:

Happy Easter everyone !!!! What a perfect day to share this wonderful news with U. The fab @davidtutera is throwing my royal baby shower for my lil’ princess 5/10/14!!! Thank U for the awesome graphic@dustyaceti !!!! Muahhhh!!! #TeamLilKim. Love U all so much !!! Muahhhh !!!

David Tutera is one of the best event planners in the industry so the shower is expected to be dope.

Check out the invites below.

photo (68)

Watch Footage: Amber Rose Twerks For The Gawds On Set Of Unleash’d Magazine Photoshoot

download (2)

This is the Amber Rose we met and fell in love with!

Chile muva is back and she’s gracing the cover of Unleash’d Magazine. In the series of covers released, Amber shows off her personality by licking on her platinum chain and embracing her platinum bald head while draped in a few flamboyant pieces.

Moments ago on Intagram Amber released one of the sexiest twerkig videos ever. Ha! The baldhead beauty is seen in a green and blue floral top shaking it for the twerking gawds honey!

Watch it below.

Sheesh. LOL.

Watch another video of Amber on set below.

Pure beauty. Check out her other covers in the gallery below.

French Montana Takes Khloe Kardashian To The Hood

photo (67)

 Khloe-tana takes New York! Haaaan!

We all know the Kardashian’s have some inner hood in them. Especially Khloe she’s always on Twitter posting lyrics from her favorite rapper so this was like a walk in the park for baby girl.

On Friday, French Montana hosted a party in the “hood” at All Star Nightclub in Elizabeth, NJ. According to All Hip Hop Khloe kept a low profile at the club and watched as her boo thang Frenchie worked the crowd.

He and Khloe chatted and when Bobby Trends let it be known that Khloe was in the house, all the cameras started to point upward. Khloe didn’t do a lot, but French performed a bit for the crowd and they went crazy over it. From what I was told, this is a HOOD spot…deep into Elizabeth, NJ. There were no problems at all and the whole crew left before the club shut down for the evening.

Watch a video below.

After the club the two took their talents to NYC nightclub ,Greenhouse, and later fed their appetites with some NYC pizza.


Angela Simmons And Sevyn Streeter Attend Beautiful Textures Event In Chicago


Beautiful and Ambitious. Gotta’ love it!

Over the weekend Angela Simmons and Sevyn Streeter joined forces for the Beautiful Textures “Preserving the Beauty of our Heritage” event held at Walmart in Chicago. While there the ladies talked to fans about their love for the products and Sevyn Stretter even hopped on stage and performed a few singles from her EP Call Me Crazy But.

Afterward Angela and Sevyn participated in a meet and greet where they signed autographs and snapped photos with fans. Ya’ll betta’ werk!


See more photos below.

streeters9 streeters8

Dude in the front though. HA!

streeters7 streeters3 streeters6

Who Rocked It Better: Rihanna, Beyonce And Rita Ora Rocks Bunny Ears On Easter


These are some fierce Easter bunnies!

Yesterday after you took off your Sunday’s best and was getting your life at the dinner table, Beyonce, Rita Ora and Rihanna were toying with some fun Easter fashion. All three ladies accented their ensembles with cutsie bunny headpieces. Who rocked it best?


After rehearsals, Rita Ora ditched the shorts for a pink knee-length skirt and kicks in which she paired with gold accessories, sunnies and her bunny ears. Are we feeling this trendy 50′s inspired look  ?

Or do we like these better?


photo 3 (88)photo 2

Yes muva! The high bun gawds are pleased!

Yesterday Bey posed in an all white short set that she styled with gold sunnies, gold sandals and gold bunny ears. This comes just a day after she and Hov were spotted at Coachella together. Did she own this look?

Meanwhile Rih was celebrating more than just Easter.

photo 2 photo 3 (87)

Rih, her bestie Melissa and Mary Jane headed to the beach to celebrate 4-20 (National Weed Day) yesterday. Our favorite stoner showed up to the beach in a mesh bathing suit with marijuana emblems on the breast. So Rih!

She rocked a jean cover up, Chuck Taylor’s and a bunny inspired hat with it. Did she kill it?

Who’s look did we like best?

Celebs Attend Jumping Toxic Day Party: Rihanna, Trey Songz, The Game, Tae Heckard, Brandon Jennings, Nikko, Mimi And More


Hollywood’s Toxic Day Party is back in full swing for the summer and it was clearly popping this past Saturday. Gentlemen like Terrence J, Trey Songz, Jermaine Dupri and Desean Jackson showed up to the party by themselves.

Others like Rihanna, who arrived without her boo Drizzy, was spotted with her bestie Melissa. Rapper, The Game looked unbothered while turning up with his arm wrapped around his assistant and a drink in the other hand. Actress LaShontae Heckard and her baller boo Brandon Jennings have turned their relationship up a notch and were at the party showing major public affection.

Oh yeah, Mimi and Nikko showed up as well. We’re certain that it was a lot of looking a– ni–az when they walked through the door. Ha!

Peep the flicks below.


Pretty Rih!


Tae and Piston’s baller Brandon Jennings.

securedownload-6 securedownload-11

The Game and his assistant.


Trey looks like he’s asking for a light. Ha!

photo (66)

Mimi and Nikko betta do dat. LOL!