Hilarious! Ciara And Belly Bump Performs Future Song With Her Dad

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 If you’re having a bad day, this oughta turn that frown upside down.

This is what happens when a rapper’s pregnant fiance and her cool a– pops get together. Moments ago Ciara posted four hilarious videos on her Instagram page of she and her dad rocking out to Future’s new single Move That Do-e.

Part one starts out with Ci Ci’s dad rapping as he faces the camera while Ciara’s back is turned. Seconds later Ci Ci hit us with the MJ spin move and starts bouncing her belly towards the camera.

Part two Ciara’s gets her gangsta lean on, meanwhile she has a tight grip on her baby bump.

Part three and four Ciara and pops goes in even more as the lyrics get more explicit. On Instgram she called the videos the Pregnant Lady Chronicles and she wrote:

This Is What Happens When A Pregnant Lady Cant Keep Still:) Me and My Daddy Jammin Up In The House…:)

Watch below.

Too cute! I’m sure Future’s going to love this.

Sevyn Streeter Grains On Mack Wild’s Wood While Giving Him A Lap Dance

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Mack’s face tho, HA!

Chile Sevyn Streeter played little miss sex kitten with her rumored boo, Mack Wild’s, during her performance the other night. From start to finish Sevyn teased Mack in the most sensual way while performing her single Sex On The Ceiling at SOB’s in NYC. He watched as the singer paced back and forth across the stage in a sheer, black ensemble. He kept his hands behind his back but eyes on the prize as she served him up with a sexy lap dance.

Yasss honey you betta werk!

Get into Sevyn’s super sexy performance below.

New Video: Chris Brown “Loyal” ft. Tyga And Lil Wayne

Chris-Brown-Loyal-video Chris-Brown-Tyga-Lil-Wayne-Loyal-Usher BhVwlMK

Don’t hurt em’ Breezy!

Chile there is a God! Chris Brown done snagged up Usher, Trey Songz, Tyga and Lil’ Wayne for his latest video Loyal. Got boys by the layers all different flavas. Ha!

Throughout the visual Chris Brown shows off his impeccable dance moves while singing about disloyal women. Lil Wayne spits his verse in the beginning and Tyga takes over at the end. Meanwhile in between shots Trey Songz and Usher makes their cameos. Yassss honey!

Get into the eye candy below.

Future Confirms That It’s A Boy, Talks Baby Shower And Ciara’s Engagement Ring On Wendy Williams

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While in New York City on Monday, Future stopped by The Wendy Williams Show for a brief interview and performance. During the chat Future dropped the deets on Ciara’s custom made 15 carat ring and his recent baby shower that took place this past weekend. The rapper told Wendy that he didn’t stay long, he just stopped by the baby shower to support his fiance but it was an all girls event.

Unlike his last interview, Future confirmed the sex of the baby and admitted that they are having a boy. WE KNEW! Ha!


Not only did Future receive some shoe cam action but Wendy also got a close up on the rapper’s C tattoo before he got up to perform Honest and his latest single ft. Pusha T and Pharell Move That Do-e.

Check it out below.

Pharell Covers GQ Magazine: Dishes Feelings On Trucker Hat, Being Black, And Not Knowing What Happiness Was


Gotta love this man!

Oscar nominated Pharell Williams is covering the April issue of GQ Magazine. Pharell spices up the cover by pairing his blue suit and polka dot shirt with a pair of vintage Chuck Taylor’s.

Inside, Pharell chats with Zach Baron about the controversy surrounding his album cover, his “Arby” hat and about how he felt after he didn’t receive the Oscar for “Best Song”.

The music mogul has a lot to be happy for at this point in his career but it wasn’t always that way. Pharell reflects on the time when he didn’t know what happy was.

Get into the excerpts below.

You were nominated for an Oscar that night, but didn’t win. How badly did you want it? 

Well, trust me: when they read the results, my face was…frozen. But then I thought about it, and I just decided just to…let it go.

When you say that it makes me reconsider your whole catalog before G I R L. It makes me wonder if all that music is itself unhappy. 

Yeah, but I didn’t know what happiness was. My definition of happiness was based on what my peers quantified as happiness: boats—you know, material stuff. But then I realized I had a platform; I would meet kids, and meet girls and women who would always point out the inspirational stuff. They would always talk about those songs. I’ll never forget: There was this girl that told me her brother had died, and he was a huge N.E.R.D. fan, and he got in a car crash. When they looked in the car, the song that was playing was “Run to the Sun.” That scarred me—in a healing way. Because “Run to the Sun” was huge for me with my grandmother. You know, you hear the intention in that.

But that’s what people would come up and talk about, those inspirational things more than anything else. Sure, sometimes it’d be like, “Yo, man, that beat on ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’!” or “That ‘Grindin” beat!” or “I Just Wanna Love U!”—whatever. But mostly, people would emote about those records that had substance and purpose and intention: I could feel that. Like you just said: After you’ve heard this body of work, you go back and listen to the other one: It feels naked and cold and empty. So I didn’t know. I didn’t know what happiness was.

In retrospect, were you unhappy back then?

Of course. Because I felt like I had amassed this big body of work, most—not all—but most of which was just about self-aggrandizement, and I wasn’t proud of it. So I couldn’t be proud of the money that I had; I couldn’t be proud of all the stuff that I had. I was thankful, but what did it mean? What did I do? And at this point, where I came from, I’m just throwing it in that kid’s face, instead of saying, “Look at all the fish I have, and look how much we’re going to eat.” It should’ve been—at least a part of it—teaching them how to fish. That’s why you gotta give it to Jay, because he’s been talking to—you know, he’s been telling everybody: “If I did it, you could do it, too.” So I did a little bit of that, but I was so occupied with, like, the competitive spirit—and not in the right way. 

Competitive with whom? 

For real? Nobody. But in my mind, you couldn’t tell me that I wasn’t competing, you know? You only can compete with yourself.

What do you feel like then, when you hear, say, “Grindin’” now, or when you hear “I Just Wanna Love U”? All those tremendous old songs that had a different or less inspirational kind of message. 

Just a phase.

Do you regret the trucker hat?

No. Uh-uh. I always did the same thing. I’ve dressed like I make my music. “No one’s doing that: I’m gonna go do that.” With the trucker hat, it was just a different time. And it was just N.E.R.D. time for me, you know? And that’s what we represented—like, the anti-media image. We represented the real: black kids that skated.


The last time I saw you was the week before the Grammys, and you were wearing the original buffalo hat, and it didn’t seem so outrageous. Then you wear it on the Grammy red carpet, and it becomes this enormous thing. Was that surprising to you? 

Totally. It’s not my doing. A, I didn’t create the hat. B, I didn’t produce the Grammys show, and C, I’m not the one purchasing the hat. None of it’s my doing.

The Arby’s jokes or the park ranger jokes or whatever—are they funny to you? 

They said the same things to me fifteen years ago about trucker hats. Remember: trucker hats at a moment in time when people were wearing throwback jerseys. I was aware of it.

So not that funny?

I mean, it just goes with the territory. Anything different, people are going to look at and go, “Ha ha ha ha, what is that??” Then, after a while, they do a little bit of research; they realize it’s Vivienne Westwood, an ode to her boyfriend at the time; they had a store together called World’s End. The guy who went on to sign the Sex Pistols, Malcolm McLaren.

Kanye West has spent so much time in the last two years talking about how frustrating it was to go into the corporate world, only to find all those doors were closed to him. What’s been your experience with that?

I’ve been lucky enough to be received with open arms. And I think Kanye has too, to a certain extent, and he’ll tell you that. I think he was just voicing his opinions of, like, the cons of his experiences. And he’s since then tried and been making a very serious effort to show people his appreciation. So it’s different.

But he’s been like, “They want me to work for them. They don’t want to work with me. They won’t give me the keys.”

Yeah, right. That might be true, to a certain degree. But, at the same time, I think that he’s worked really hard to sort of speak of the pros of his experience as well.

There were people who criticized you for not including more black women on the cover of G I R L. How did you feel about that? 

Do you want me to be honest with you?



It’s insecurity. If you love who you are—and I’m not saying that there’s not a plight out there for people who have different skin colors, because Mexicans go through just as much discrimination, if not more discrimination, than black people do in this country. Right? That’s why I wrote “Marilyn Monroe,” man: That which makes you different is what makes you special. You don’t gotta be waif, white, and thin to be beautiful. You can be anything that you want to be, and what I chose to do is put my friends on the cover. The girl that was closest next to me is black, but they didn’t know that, so they jumped the gun. And it wasn’t all black women. There were a lot of black women that were really angry at some of those girls, but some of those girls are the ones that instantly get mad when they don’t see somebody that’s dark. And it’s like: “Yo, you don’t need nobody to represent you. You represent you. Yourepresent the best version of who you could be. You go out there and change the world.” Because I’m black, and I wouldn’t trade my skin color for nothing. But I don’t need to keep wearing a badge that tells you that I’m black every time I do something! I’m black! In fact, the media will tell you I’m the first black person that’s had a number-one record in America in a year since Rihanna’s “Diamonds” in 2012—the first black person! The media tells you that. So why do I need to roll around with a scarlet letter on my forehead that says “Black”? My mother’s black, who’s a big part of my business; a black woman runs my business; and I’m married to a black woman. What more do you want? And why are we talking about this? And if we’re going to talk about degrees of black—what is it in this country? I still believe that if you are at least 1/32nd of black blood in your body, even if you look like you, you are deemed black. Right?


 I’m a black man. I’m happy to be black, and anybody that is not happy to be black will point around and ask for that kind of sympathy. But the thing is, let’s not ask nobody for no more sympathy. Let’s get together ourselves and support ourselves. It doesn’t make sense to me. That kind of divisiveness is not necessary at a time when we’re supposed to be unifying. That’s what happiness is all about, and if you look at my “Happy” video, I had everybody in there: fat, skinny, gay, straight, purple, polka-dot, plaid, gingham print, houndstooth, alien. I fuckin’ had dogs in there! I had children in there! I had kids in there! I’m the most indiscriminate person that there is! I believe in equality.

So which is it? Is President Obama black or not? Since you’re so mad: Is he black or not? Come on, man! We ain’t got time for that. We are black people. This is the new black. Oprah Winfrey: That’s the new black. She’s a black billionaire. President Obama: He is a black American president. Regardless of what you think about him, this is his second term. That’s the new black. LeBron James: the first black man ever shot on a Vogue cover, a black man. Me: a guy that’s written a song at 40! Nominated for an Oscar, four Grammy awards—at 40! That’s the new black! And by the way: a song that has transcended my lyrics, my own intention, and has become a movement and helped cancer patients. That’s the new black! Black ain’t a color: Black is a spirit, and it is ubiquitous. In fact, there’s more black out in space than there is stars. We have nothing to be insecure about.


Read more here.

Ya’ll Cute! Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Takes LAX Airport In Style


Hey ya’ll!

Fresh off the success of their Vogue Cover, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were spotted making their way through LAX airport yesterday evening. Paparazzi were on the heels of the swaggy couple who’s plane was headed to NYC. Kim Kardashian was dressed in a gray tee and jeans which he paired with nude pumps and bomb a– black, leather, vintage jacket. Kanye kept it Kanye in a long green trench, sweatshirt and jeans.

They cute!

See more photos below.

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Evelyn Lozada And Fiance Carl Crawford Welcomes Baby Boy

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Congratulations are in order for Evelyn Lozada and her fiance Carl Crawford. 

In the wee hours of Saturday morning while you were probably sound asleep Evelyn gave birth to Carl Leo Crawford Jr. in an Arizona hospital. At 3: 55 a.m. Evelyn naturally delivered her 8 lb son in just four pushes. A rep tells People Magazine:

It was very quick and Evelyn is happy because she was super nervous. Baby boy is so handsome and she can’t wait to reveal him to the world.  

Another source says Carl is the one who came up with their sons name.

Carl named the baby. Carl is a Leo. He wanted the baby to have every aspect of his name.

This is Evelyn’s 2nd child but 1st son. She had her daughter Shaniece when she was a teenager. This makes baby number 3 for Carl who has a 9 year old and a 9 month old with his ex-wife Amy Freeman.

So umm yeah do what you want with that info. 

After giving birth Evelyn tweeted her excitement. She wrote:

I have EXCITING NEWS! Thank you God for my blessing!

She also showed off her cutsie baby boy inspired nails on the gram. Too cute!

photo 2

Keyshia Cole Gets V-103 Host Together After Being Asked If She Was Wifey Material

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Chile who did Wanda think she was talking to? Ha!

Earlier today V-103 jockey, Wanda, was in for a rude awakening when she tried Keyshia honey. The question that she asked the singer was very innocent but Keyshia sure didn’t take it that way. After being questioned by the co-host about her current standing with her husband Boobie, Wanda chimed in and asked:

Do you feel like you were wifey material? 

Chile that was all she wrote. Keyshia snapped back:

You know what? Y’all really f-ckin’ with my sh-t right now. I got some other sh-t going on. What y’all wanna talk about? Tell me now.

Wanda: You were so busy, you had your career popping off and you you were doing your thing. Then you had to phase out and start doing the wifey things, the cooking, taking care of the kids. Were you really ready for that or were you still trying to do your music thing?

Keyshia: So you trying to insinuate that I was one dimensioned?

Wanda: Don’t take it like that because I know at a time in my life, I had to pull back my career and… like with Monica! Right now, she’s a little quiet and doing her thing.

Keyshia: Listen! Monica I’m sure is doing her thing. This isn’t ain’t no first rodeo for Monica. She’s been through the ringer, this, that and the other. But at the end of the day, we can handle all that! It’s a point of a man taking care of his business. Straight up on that. We good! We handle our sh-t. We do what we do! Period! I don’t know what to tell you about that.

Listen to the interview below.

Later on Twitter Keyshia went awf.

I’m done wit interviews for a minute! That interview with V103 left a very bad taste. And to be honest, I don’t deserve that kinda treatment

Y’all can kiss my a–! With that phony shit

Y’all should be ashamed of ya selves! Not cool. Never another interview from me

Man. Y’all don’t even have to play my record. I’m cool wit that!

Man. It’s good tho. All love. God Bless. I’m gonna keep my head high and keep puttin one foot in front of the other! #BelieveTht Neva again tho

Source: Necole Bitchie

Photo Cred-Instagram

Ciara And Future Hosts Baby Shower In Beverly Hills: Kim Kardashian, La La, Kris Jenner And More Attends


Little Cibandz is almost here!

Ciara is just months away from giving birth to her first born child and what better way to celebrate than with an upscale, star studded baby shower. This past weekend the mommy to be was glowing in a flowy burgundy and white Naeem Khan dress. Future showed up in his chill attire while promoting his forthcoming album during the process. He was dressed in a honest sweatshirt, a pair of J’s and jeans.

Ciara’s friends like Kim Kardashian and La La showed up in their stylish attire as well. Kris Jenner arrived carrying a huge gift which we noticed was wrapped in blue, hinting once again that it’s a boy. The grand-mommys to be were also in attendance. They look excited about the new addition to the family and were spotted flicking it up with Ci Ci.

The baby shower took place in Beverly Hills.

Catch the flicks below.

photo 2 (100) photo 2 cici2_zpsb8303c9b photo 3 (77)

Ciara and the grandmommy’s. (Future’s Mom on Ci Ci’s right) (Ciara’s mom on the left)

photo 4 (41) Kim-Kardashian-Ciara-Baby-Shower-Pictures (1)9e0dd758b25511e389750e37ae78cba3_8_zps60762353 photo 1

Future showing off his C tattoo. After the shower Ciara had this to say to Future on Instagram:

 This’s Man Right Here!:)…..#TodayWasAnotherOneOfTheSweetestDaysEver! Surrounded By Nothing But Love! GoodNight:)

They cute or whateva!

See more photos in the gallery.

Did Kanye Beg Or Pay For Wedding Feature? Anna Wintour Defends Kimye’s Vogue Cover


Keeping up with Kimye!

These days muva can’t do anything without being criticized for it. While Kim Kardashian and her fiance Kanye West are celebrating their long awaited cover of Vogue Magazine, critics are claiming that Kanye paid and begged to get on the cover. Mainly because Kanye has been fighting for Kim to be featured in Vogue. Last year he had this to say to Ryan Seacrest:

There’s no way Kim Kardashian shouldn’t be on the cover of Vogue. She’s like the most intriguing woman right now. She’s got Barbara Walters calling her like everyday . . . and collectively we’re the most influential with clothing.

Although Anna Wintour has shaded Kim tremendously in the past and we never thought we’d see this day, she recently came to the couples defense. In the issue’s editor letter, Anna spoke out on her decision for choosing Kimye for their April issue. She wrote:

Part of the pleasure of editing Vogue, one that lies in a long tradition of this magazine, is being able to feature those who define the culture at any given moment, who stir things up, whose presence in the world shapes the way it looks and influences the way we see it. I think we can all agree on the fact that that role is currently being played by Kim and Kanye to a T. (Or perhaps that should be to a K?)

As for the cover, my opinion is that it is both charming and touching, and it was, I should add, entirely our idea to do it; you may have read that Kanye begged me to put his fiancee on Vogue’s cover. He did nothing of the sort. The gossip might make better reading, but the simple fact of the matter is that it isn’t true.

There’s barely a strand of the modern media that the Kardashian Wests haven’t been able to master, and for good reason: Kanye is an amazing performer and cultural provocateur, while Kim, through her strength of character, has created a place for herself in the glare of the world’s spotlight, and it takes real guts to do that.

Guess all of Kanye’s ranting wasn’t in vain.

We are so happy for Kimye! The pics are phenomenal. Check them out below and catch a behind the scenes video of their shoot.