Kenya Moore Calls 9-1-1 After Porsha Fight: “She Hit Me In My Head”

The rumors are true chile!

Last week, we reported that Porsha Williams put them paws on Kenya Moore during the taping of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion. After the fight went down Kenya called 9-1-1 to report the incident. She explained to the operator that she had just been “assaulted” and she needed the police. When the operator asked how had she been assaulted, Kenya replied that she was hit in the head and that Porsha was fighting on her. HA!

To be quite honest it doesn’t seem like Porsha can beat Kenya judging off size but you sure can’t judge a book by its cover.

Kenya sounded extremely melancholy during the call. Listen to it below.


Sevyn Streeter Gets Caught Up In Crazy Love Triangle In New Video “Next” Ft. Kid Ink

photo 2 photo 3 (82) photo 1

How can my ex-boyfriend be my next boyfriend? 

Sevyn Streeter gets caught up in a love triangle and finds herself in a very sticky situation in her new Being Mary Jane inspired visual Next. After her boyfriend, played by Kid Ink, tells her he’s ready to move on Sevyn calls up her ex-boyfriend for a night of intimacy. Days later when Kid Ink decides he wants to come back into her life, Sevyn’s ex shows up on her front doorstep.

Find out what happens next when you watch the dope video below.

Rick Ross On Chelsea Lately Show: Brushes 50 Cent Question Off And Talks Having A Personal Female Blunt Roller


Chelsea Handler is a frisky little thing. LOL. 

Rick Ross stopped by The Chelsea Lately show last night to promote his latest album Mastermind, and when he got there the hilarious television host greeted him with more than open arms chile more like open legs. HA!

When she brought up 50 cent, who just so happens to be her ex boo thang, Ross brushed it off.

You know I’m really through talking about dog. When I look up at the scorebored we are winning, BIG!

Talk heavy Ross!

While we’re on the subject of talking heavy. Ross confirmed that he has his own personal female blunt roller. When Chelsea asked how’d he find her, he replied: 

She was at a dispensary. She had beautiful green eyes and she was just rolling them so perfectly and I said, “Wow come do that for me.”

He got moneyyyy. HA!

Watch the interview below.

Cat Fight! Did Kenya Moore Get Beat Up By Porsha At RHOA Reunion Taping?


Did the queen of shade get that a– whopped last night?

Kenya may be flipping fans but we hear Porsha is throwing bows! Word on the blogs is that it went down during last nights taping of The Real Housewives Reunion. Allegedly Kenya Moore brought her theatrics to the show, per the usual, and when Porsha couldn’t handle it anymore she hopped on Miss former USA. Eyewitnesses tell Radar Online:

Kenya brought sex toys to the reunion taping to taunt Porsha about Kordell’s sexuality and she couldn’t take it anymore

Porsha beat the sh-t out of her! She is a little thing and she jumped on her and pulled her down to the ground by her hair, and Kenya doesn’t have a weave, it is all her own hair.

They continued:

Porsha was sick of her saying that she was Kordell’s beard and those toys were the last straw.  Porsha is a skinny thing but she was whopping her butt!

The source also claims that they couldn’t pull Porsha off ole’ girl.

Well…. moments ago on Twitter Kenya Moore tweeted the following statement:

#teamtwirl one thing u will NEVER see me do is fight. Your brain and tongue are your most powerful weapons.

No remarks from Porsha yet so girl we don’t know. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see for ourselves. Messy!

Too Cute! Drake And Rihanna Spotted Holding Hands In The Backseat Of Their Car

photo (10)

It’s official!

No more beating around the bush and making my job harder than it already is chile. Ha!

Last night Aubrih displayed some public affection in the backseat of their car after having dinner in a London restaurant. This is the second time that Drake and Rihanna were spotted holding hands together in public and we’re soaking it all up.

After dinner the two partied the night away at Tramp nightclub.

Now that their relationship is no longer a secret, we hope to see more photos like this. Too cute. 

Check out more photos of the two from last night below.

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Yes Hair Gawds! Lady Gaga Serves In Long Platinum Blonde Weave


Hair slayage, honey yassss!

Lady Gaga had a huge crowd of fans anticipating her arrival yesterday when she pulled up to the Roseland Ballroom in NYC before her performance.

Gaga ditched the costumes and wild wigs for a day and instead opted to dress down. She looked super cute in a graphic tee, cut off metallic jeans and platforms. Not to mention this 40 inch, platinum blonde weave she’s rocking. Yes honey we liveeeee !

See more photos below.

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Photo Cred-Zimbio

Beyonce Breaks Down On Stage During Last Show Of Mrs. Carter Tour: “I’m Giving Ya’ll An Ugly Cry”

photo 1 photo 2

Bey betta’ cry those tears of joy out, she deserves it!

After a year of touring and performing 162 shows, The Mrs. Carter World Tour has come to an end. Last night Beyonce wrapped up her tour in Portugal at the Lisbon’s MEO Arena.

While on stage the singer got candid with her fans as she spoke about the time she spent over the past year, on the road and making her last album. She also reminisced on how Blue Ivy wasn’t even walking when she first started the tour. Overwhelmed with all of her accomplishments, the singer shouted out, “I just want ya’ll to know that I am so lucky” and broke down right on stage.

She continued:

I’m giving y’all an ugly cry.

Thank y’all again. Thank you for allowing me to have a career. And when I fall, you lift me up. When I’m hungry, you feed me. And I just want to give you my light. I dedicate this song to you guys.

Right after the speech Bey performed XO.

Awww Bey!

Watch below.

Rihanna And Drake Takes On London Weather In Fur Attire


Kimye may have some competition they keep this up. Ha!

Three days ago Rihanna arrived in London just in time for her boo’s show that took place that night. The singer was spotted walking through the airport in a camo jacket with a huge fur hood attached to it, which we absolutely love by the way. Days later, Drake pulled out a for sure show stopping fur coat to hit the club in.

These two have been partying together for weeks now but last night they decided to take a break from that. Drake showed up to his tour after-party in a fur huge enough to make any Peta rep throw up. He paired the head turning fur coat with a pair of white jeans and constructs. Normally I am not a fan of what Drake has on but this my friend is a winner!

Catch more flicks below.

Drake Parties Without Rihanna At DSTRKT article-0-1C88351800000578-66_634x775

Last night Rih rocked a red veil over her eyes while partying down the street from Drizzy.


Photo Cred- Splash/Wenn

Trey Songz Reacts To Gay Rumors On Twitter: “If I’m Gay Then…”


The other night Twitter was set ablaze by a fake tweet confirming that Trey Songz was coming “out of the closet”. Trey’s lady fans were disturbed by the tweet that read:

I think it’s finally time to tell my fans, all games and jokes aside… I’m gay.


After a long night of silly memes and tweets being shared by the singer’s followers, Trey finally went ahead and addressed the situation.

The things you people craft up with hatred in your hearts. The things people believe without question, or validity, all baffles me.

Photoshop and a retweet is all people need to believe, any and everything. I feel bad for the impressionable, no minds of their own.

If I’m gay then Tupac bringing me a ounce for this session wit Biggie tomorrow. No weapon. #LOVE

Very mature!

This isn’t the first time Trey has been accused of being with a man but it happens to most R&B male singers. A while back an image surfaced online of what looked like Trey kissing another male. Not sure if the picture is real or photo shopped but if it is photo shopped then they did a hell of a job.


Don’t Come For Me! Evelyn Lozada Goes Awf On Wendy Williams For Calling Her Son A Cash Register

IFWT_fianceetweetcheating2 photo 2 photo 3 (81)

Don’t come for me unless I send for you honey! Bloop!

Chileee it’s a big thing! Wendy Williams is notorious for saying what she wants to say and getting away with it, and we love her for that, but not today girl. During a recent episode of Wendy’s Hot Topics the tv host went all the way in on Evelyn Lozada. She congratulated Ev on the birth of her newborn son whom she referred to as a “cash register” and once Ev got wind of it she wasn’t having it AT ALL!

Evelyn gave birth to a cash register…I mean… a baby boy with her fiancé, the $142 million Carl Crawford. I didn’t mean to make that cash register joke, but you see why it’s easy to be said.

She added:

Here’s what I’m thinking, Ev. You should become involved in a lot of charity work. And also talk to your man about opening you up another Dulce…except Dulce Beverly Hills, not Dulce Miami.

Yesterday Evelyn Lozada hopped on Twitter and read Wendy her rights chile.

You know @WendyWilliams, I never bother anyone. I even bought you a beautiful bouquet of flowers congratulating your broadway debut…

Since u want me 2 open Dulce n LA. Maybe ur man can come 2 that store & purchase shoes 4 another woman like he did @ my Miami store. Bloop!

Oh…BTW…he purchased the Casadei suede over the knee boots triple platform just in case you wanted to know. #DontComeForMe #INeverBotherU

#NowPutThatOnHotTopics ✌️


Watch Wendy go in on Evelyn below (5:52 mark).