Eva Marcille And Kevin McCall Gives First Look At Baby Marley Since She Was Born

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Isn’t she precious?!

This is the first time we’ve seen Marley Rae McCall since the time she was born. Just last night model Eva Marcille gave us another glimpse of what baby Marley looks like at just one month old. Marley was dressed in a beautiful peach floral gown as she gazed into her mommy’s eyes.

When Marley isn’t bonding with her mommy, she’s more than likely spending time with her dad Kevin McCall who refers to her as his little china doll.

Catch a photo of Kevin and Marley below.

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Word On The Blogs: Miley Cyrus And Robin Thicke’s Raunchy VMA Performance Had A Lot To Do With Paula And Robin’s Separation

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Miley’s flat butt done ruined a marriage. SMH.

Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus’ 2013 VMA performance will go down in history as one of the most freakiest performances ever. And while Miley says that was her goal, she probably never thought about the fact that Robin was a married man. More importantly he apparently wasn’t thinking about it either.

After the performance took place, Paula admitted to being uncomfortable while watching the madness take place but because they completely love and trust each other she was okay with it. Well apparently she wasn’t okay with it and after she blew up on Robin about it he begged her not to express how she felt to anyone.

A source close to the couple tells US Magazine: 

The Miley Cyrus fiasco was a big test of their relationship. He asked her to help him out as a friend and a wife, and defend him and the performance. He begged her to speak out for him and be there for him.

She agreed to be the good wife after he begged and pleaded. Then he asked her to stick with him through awards season, and she agreed. She attended the Grammys with him as a favor. 

Their marriage was unraveling a long time. It is not a shock to Robin or Paula, and it is something they have discussed for a long time.

Word on the blogs is that Robin desperately wants to save their marriage but Paula is fed up. Robin is concerned about their 2 year old being raised in separate homes while sources say Paula has made it clear that she wants this divorce.

Kitchen Convos: Yonce Girls Jourdan Dunn, Chanel Iman And Joan Smalls Talks ‘Yonce’ Experience Over Vegan Thai Chili

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Yonce all on his mouth like liqua’!

The Yonce girls, Jourdan Dunn, Joan Smalls and Chanel Iman kitchen conversations are better than ours. Jourdan Dunn invited her model friends to join her for the season 3 premiere of her cooking show titled Well Dunn brought to you by Jay Z’s Life and Times. During their segment, the 3 models relived their Yonce experience over vegan Thai chili. Jourdan asked the girls, “Where were you guys when it first dropped?”

Chanel: New York. I was in New York and then all of a sudden on my Instagram popped Beyonce’s announcement. I didn’t even know how it was gonna come out, when it was gonna come out, like if it was still coming out. But I’m glad it came out. 

Immediately after, Chanel suggested that the girls sing the song. After Jourdan dropped the beat the girls spit a cooking remix. From the looks of her freestyle capabilities, Chanel has obviously been around ASAP Rocky for too long.

The girls minds were totally in the gutter while trying to decide how “BIG or LITTLE” they wanted to cut the red chili pepper. Hilarious!

In the next scene Jourdan reflects on when she had to seduce Beyonce in the video. She says:

I was blindfolded, I’m in my underwear, she’s in her underwear. I’m like OMG I’m living everyone’s, male and female, dream right now. That’s crazy. I’m like OMG she’s kinda turning me on I’ve never felt this way before.

Must be nice! Ha!

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Get into Jourdan’s entertaining show below.

Lupita Nyong’o Stuns In Metallic Dress At “Non-Stop” Movie Premiere


Lupita Nyong’o is unstoppable these days. The gorgeous 30 year old actress stole the show when she showed up to the premiere of her new movie Non-Stop in a French Fashion House Lanvin copper dress with matching heels. After she made her arrival, Lupita posed alongside co-stars like Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore.

Celebrities such as Draya Michele and her boyfriend Orlando Scandrick also attended the premiere that took place on Monday in West California.

See more photos below. 

"Non-Stop" - Los Angeles Premiere - ArrivalsLupitaNyongoPremiereUniversalPicturesxhUxPytS6ESl LupitaNyongoPremiereUniversalPicturesac1iKDlwJRIl strhdare

Photo Cred-Getty Images/Daily Mail 

Floyd Mayweather Takes Fashion Designer Ms. Decordon To Lakers Game And His Fiance Throws Shade


I’m sorry Miss Jackson, wooo!

While Floyd Mayweather looked as if he was having the time of his life at the Lakers game on Saturday, his fiance Chantel Jackson was not by the looks of her tweets. Chantel aka Miss Jackson was a little salty when one of her twitter followers inquired about her not being at the game with her man. Well obviously we can see that he was busy but in response to the question she said:

Cause he’s busy with seat fillers!

Woop! Tried it. Mad or nah?

Right after she wrote:

Funny when a person tries to top you. 

If you’re wondering who the gorgeous woman sitting next to Floyd is, her name is Delicia Cordon. She’s a fashion designer and the owner of Decordon clothing/boutique. She and her friends enjoyed private jet treatment and courtside seats during the Lakers game with Mayweather this past weekend.

According to a post Delicia put up on Floyd’s birthday, he’s just a mentor and business partner. Looks like Floyd may have invested in her brand. The post read:

Happy Birthday to a compassionate and genuine gentleman. So grateful for first you being a true business mentor, a confidante and lastly, now an investor to what means the world to me, my passion. Thank you for being such an instrument in my life.@floydmayweather 

We highly doubt that there’s anything more going on outside of business. So we aren’t sure why Floyd’s shorty is throwing shade, but who cares. Bye Felicia!

Check out more flicks below.

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See Footage: Rihanna Takes Care Of Drake All Weekend In Paris

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Chile why you were eating dinner last night, Rih was over in Paris taking care of Drake with a lap dance. OKAY!

For the very first time in history Drake brought Rihanna out to perform their duo Take Care during his concert in Paris last night. Screaming fans witnessed Drizzy and Rih seduce one another at the Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy arena. After Drake teased the singer as if he was going to kiss her and didn’t, Rih went the extra mile and showed Drake what she was working with when she gave him a serious Carribean style lap dance. Their chemistry was dynamic on stage. We definitely think these two are more than friends.

Besides the performance last night the two were spotted having dinner together on Sunday night. According to the Daily News Rih left 30 mins early so the paparazzi wouldn’t catch on to her and Drake.

An insider recently told HollywoodLife.com that the “Stay” hitmaker began seeing Drake again late last year but they aren’t ready to have a ‘committed’ relationship. The source said: ‘They’re doing what they do on the low, and they like to keep it that way. They fill each other’s needs when they can, and that’s how they’re choosing to roll.’


Don’t try to hide Rih. LOL.

Oh and we almost forgot to mention that Drake was spotted leaving the Cartier store before he went out with Rih for dinner. Hmmm  wonder if he dropped some new jewels on shawty.




The morning after kicking with Drake, Rih caused pandemonium in them Paris streets. Fans were running from all over just to get a glimpse of the singer. The poor child was nearly crushed by a sea a fans while trying to get into her hotel. Sheesh! Watch it go down below.

Yikes! Catch Drianna’s performance below.

Get a room Aubrih! Ha!

Later Rih was spotted turning up to Started From The Bottom in the V.I.P. section.

Get em’ Rih!

Is Robin Thicke’s Questionable Infidelity The Cause Of He And Paula’s Seperation?


Has Robin Thicke’s promiscuous activities led to this?

After 8 years of marriage and birthing a beautiful son named Julian, Paula Patton and Robin Thicke are calling it quits. The two met as teenagers and went on to become one of Hollywood’s favorite “it” couples. What looks perfect from the outside isn’t always beautiful on the inside.

As a married man Robin has left many questioning his behavior in public. You might remember the incident that took place last year where Robin was pictured with his hand placed on some woman’s booty. The butt in which his hand was seen on in the reflection of a mirror belonged to a lady by the name of Lana Scolaro who claims Robin was making out with her in a NYC club. She stated:

I went to the bathroom, and when I came out he was standing there … He turned off the lights so no one could see us, and he started making out with me. He was grabbing me. He was like, ‘I want to get you into bed’ … His hands were everywhere.

That situation didn’t seem to phase Paula because soon after she and Robin were pictured at Robin’s Blurred Lines album release party getting smitten for the cameras.


Paula even released a statement for the critics:

Listen, we have fun, but like every couple, we have our ups and downs. Nothing is perfect, but we’re very happy. He’s my best friend.

Not long after that incident took place, Robin was spotted once again getting cozy with a beautiful woman inside of a Paris nightclub, where it looked like he may have been whispering sweet nothings in her ear and they may have even shared a kiss.

Chile Paula must be fed up with the shenanigans. The two released the following statement to People today.

We will always love each other and be best friends, however, we have mutually decided to separate at this time.

Robin once said that they have:

…the greatest love of the century and the most functional, dysfunctional marriage in Hollywood.

Talk about blurred lines. We hope they can work it out!


Beautiful family!

Via CTVNews

Fabolous Tries To Be Sneaky And Tells Thim Slick Woman “Hit Me” On Instagram


Thim slick girls get me every time!

Those lyrics stand true to Fab’s recent run in on the gram. Ever since Emily threatened to leave Fab during her last season on Love and Hip Hop the two have publicized their love tremendously on a constant basis via social networks. But chile that she sure didn’t stop him from trying to bag the curvaceous cutie pictured above.

With close to 10,000 followers the woman who goes by the name of Alyssa posted a photo of herself and mentioned Fab under the post. She wrote:

@myfabolouslife smooth

For what reason? We don’t know. But in response to her the rapper wrote: 

Hit me @alyssaso



Really Fab? Who’s really slick? Ha!

We hope she’s just a good friend of Fab’s and not someone he’s trying to sleep around on Emily with.


Lupita Nyong’o Reveals Beauty And Style Secrets to Essence


Everyone’s new  favorite ‘”it girl” Lupita Nyong’o is simply flawless!  Recently the 12 Years a Slave star shared some of her beauty secrets with Essence magazine.  Lupita says that she prefers wearing no make up.

I don’t wear makeup when I’m not working on the red carpet

the actress tells Essence. She also revealed that lip balm and kukui oil keeps her skin hydrated.

As for her bold yet flattering short hairstyle, Lupita had the “big chop” after the age of 19.  She said she was fed up with salon visits

…one day I decided to cut it off and my mother was unamused. But she came around.

Catch another flick of the beauty below.

Photo via Zimbo.com

Freakiest Young Couple: Iggy Azalea And Nick Young Gets Flirty For GQ Magazine


Twitter flirting goes a long way these days. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at Iggy Azalea and her baller boo Nick Young. Ever since Nick pegged Iggy as his #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) on Twitter the two have been hanging out and spending a lot of time together. Months later they done snagged a spread in GQ Magazine. They better werk!

GQ named the flirtatious couple Freakiest Young Couple.

Due to the amount of the sex appeal that Iggy displays and the level of success that Nick has reached, that raises the question “Who gets the most attention.” When GQ asked them the question

Iggy, says “Nick”, without hesitating. 

Nick chimes in:

Because of the way she dresses and her, uh, figure. It’s hard to top that, ya know?

Get into their freaky photos below.

1392915465689_nick-young-iggy-azalea-gq-magazine-march-2014-nba-basketball-style-rap-02 1392915465685_nick-young-iggy-azalea-gq-magazine-march-2014-nba-basketball-style-rap-01 1392915465690_nick-young-iggy-azalea-gq-magazine-march-2014-nba-basketball-style-rap-03

Watch their hilarious and freaky behind the scenes interview below.