New Year’s Vacation: Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Kevin Hart, Ludacris, Tyrese, Jada Pinkett And Will Smith


Celebs will be celebrating the start of the New Year all over the country!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West arrived in Utah rocking Kanye’s signature ripped jeans (you know, the jeans with just one rip at the knee). Anyway, Kim paired her jeans with a long vanilla trench coat, heels, a white tee and her custom painted Hermes Birkin bag that Kanye bought her for Christmas as they headed to their exclusive ski resort. Kanye had a tight grip on what appeared to be their ski gear as he walked alongside his fiance. Looks like they’re having a blast!

Check out their photos and some of the other celebs on vacation below.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Go Skiing In Aspen Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Go Skiing In Aspen Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Go Skiing In Aspen

Looks like Kourtney hit the slopes with Kimye!


Kanye don’t play about his mask. Ha!

Meanwhile, Kevin Hart and Ludacris are spending time with their girlfriends in the Carribean islands of St. Barts,Anguilla.

photo 1 (44) photo 2 (17) photo 3 (25)

Luda and his girlfriend Eudoxie. He captioned this photo: Looking forward to 2014 more than ever knowin that I have a good woman who has my back.

photo 5 (1)

Meanwhile, Kevin had this to say about his girlfriend Eniko having him sit out in the sun.

She got my dumb a– sitting in the sun like I’m light skin…. #iFartedAsSoonAsiTookThePic#GottaLoveHerBigHeadAss #MyArmsTho #anguilla#blessed

Ha! Check out the video below of Kevin being silly while in Anguilla.

Jada Pinkettt and Will Smith packed their bags and took flight to Dubai.

article-2531513-1A59BFA400000578-893_640x1050 article-2531513-1A59BF5F00000578-683_640x942

They might see Tyrese in Dubai turning up for the New Year and celebrating his 35th birthday with Maxwell.

photo 1 (46)

Chileeee, talk about eye candy!

photo 2 (19)

Happy New Year. Be safe everyone!

Check the gallery out for more flicks.

Engaged: Eve Said “Yes” To Multi-Million Dollar Boyfriend Maximillion Cooper


2013 will probably go down in history for the most celebrity engagements. We can more than likely expect weddings from Kimye, Cibandz, Kelly Rowland + Tim Witherspoon, Evelyn Lozada + Carl Crawford, Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union in 2014. We can now add Eve and her multi-million dollar fiance Maximillion Cooper to that list.

Just like Evelyn Lozada, Eve said “yes” to her longtime boyfriend Max when he popped the big question on Christmas Day.

A picture that Eve posted via Instagram wearing a huge rock sparked immediate speculations from her fans. Eve was all smiles as she sat between her mother and younger brother while flaunting her huge rock!

Check the photo out below.

Her caption read:

#familytime!!!! Me and my mom and my lil brother Farrod just got to the English country side. Feel so#blessed to be with my family and sharing my life here. I pray that you bring 2014 in with people you #love. And nothing but #good #energy

Congrats Eve!

Dwyane Wade Confirms That He Got A Chick Pregnant While Taking A Break From Gabrielle Union


Looks like Dwyane’s been doing some unnecessary dunking off the court!

Just one week after Dwyane Wade proposed to his girlfriend of four years, Gabrielle Union, it has been reported that the Miami Heat baller has recently birthed a baby boy outside of his relationship with Gabby.

Dwayne made the announcement to Entertainment Tonight before Monday night’s game:

I had a time apart and in our break, in our pain and our hurt, a blessing came out of it in my life, having a son that was born healthy. So, I’m moving on. This is something that my family knows and my now-fiancée worked through when we got back together and understood that we wanted to continue our lives together and continue supporting our family, and we’re going to do that. 

When asked if having a child out of wedlock is okay he stated:

It would compromise it if I wasn’t a father first. I’m always going to be a father first. That doesn’t change… But, like I said, this is something, obviously, private for my family that we will continue to deal with as a family but we have a blessing to the bloodline, to the Wade bloodline. And from that standpoint, it doesn’t, to me, state anything differently from what I’ve always shown.

Apparently, when Dwyane was taking his break from Gabby, he was said to have been spending it with a chick that goes by the name of Sandrina Schultz.. According to sources, Sandrina and Dwyane have been friends for a very long time.

Peep a flick of Dwyane and his alleged baby mother below.


He was recently spending time with his newborn son.

Gabby even addressed her haters via twitter. Earlier she wrote:

The goal is NOT perfection… The goal is to be whole

That “you complete me” mess is total crap… Work on YOURSELF. Become whole, healthy & happy & watch what happens

If u are unhappy/angry/resentful w/ ur life, before u pt the finger & place blame/shame on others… Look at urself. WE control our own destiny

Workin on ME has gotten me MUCH further than obsessing/criticizing/judging other folks. U never lose when u work on yourself

Hope everyone has a great day! #LoveLightandGoodTimes

Meanwhile, Sandrina also claims she slept with Lamar Odom and it was reported that she been paid $4,000 to perform orgies with Dwyane. Yikes! sandrina-schultz-dwyane-wade-5


Drunk In Love: Jay Z And Beyonce Spends $100,000 On Drinks While Partying In Atlanta


Beyonce and Jay-Z were drunk in love this past weekend in the V.I.P. section of Atlanta’s club Reign. The power couple turned up after Jay Z’s Magna Carter Holy Grail concert that took place at the Philips Arena on Friday.

There had to be enough drinks going around for everyone, after Hov and Bey splurged on over $100,000 dollars worth of drinks. At one point Bey was spotted with a drink in her hand and later, probably after the drinks kicked in, Baddie was seen wiping the sweat off of her hubby’s forehead.

Jermaine Dupri and Bow Wow were pictured showing love to Hip Hop’s favorite couple.

Catch the flicks and a video of Hov and Bey dancing too Drunk In Love below.

Beyonce-and-Jay-Z-attend-a-party-at-Reign-Nightclub-MAIN-2969271 Beyonce-and-Jay-Z-attend-a-party-at-Reign-Nightclub-2969274 BcmDtKjCUAA0sYA

Peep more pics in the gallery.

Chrissy Lampkin Arrested For Beating A Girl Bloody In New Jersey Bar

Damn homie!

After watching how Chrissy put the paws on Kimbella a few years back, you might be wondering who would want to jump  in the boxing ring with her. Chile apparently ole’ girl didn’t have a choice. 

Yesterday morning, Chrissy Lampkin was arrested in Edgewater, New Jersey after beating a girl up in a local bar. Onlookers say the fight started when the girl bumped into someone and then sat on Chrissy’s couch. Chrissy apparently got so upset that she beat the poor girl bloody and she had to be hospitalized. All this took place while you were probably sleeping yesterday at 2:30 a.m.

Hours later Jim Jones bailed her out.

Check out her mug shot below.


Evelyn Lozada Shows Off 14.5 Carat Engagement Ring From LA Dodger Carl Crawford


Congratulations Ev!

2013 has been a very good year for Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada. Just last month the 37-year old reality star revealed that she was 6-months pregnant by LA Dodger Carl Crawford (who she has secretly been dating for a year). But it seems like she’s gotten even more good news.

Crawford popped the big question to Ev on Christmas Day with a stunning $1.4 million dollar engagement ring. Sheesh!

Evelyn took to Instagram to post the 14.5 carat ring created by Jason of Beverly Hills simply captioning it “YES!”

She later posted another pic of the ring saying:

“Thank u so much @jasonofbh for this BEAUTIFUL DESIGN!!!! #HappiestGirlInTheWorld”

Lozada has had other previous relationships with star athletes including her most notable marriage to Chad Ochocinco lasting only 2 months. But now, she just may prove that when it comes to marriage the third time is a charm.

Check out pics of Evelyn’s amazing ring below:

evelyn ring

evelyn ring 2

We wish her and her new hubby all the best!



Photos: Drake And Zoe Kravitz Spotted Making Out In V.I.P. At Beyonce’s Concert

Beyonce’s new album has almost everyone who isn’t in love wanting to be in love. Including Drake and his rumored boo Zoe Kravitz. Drake is normally low key with his relationships (or tries to be) but Beyonce’s Drunk In Love antics had Drizzy displaying some major public affection.

Drake and Zoe were spotted boo’d up in the V.I.P. at Beyonce’s concert in Brooklyn. According to a nearby fan Drake and Zoe locked lips damn near the whole time. The fan tells NecoleBitchie:

[He and Zoe] were making out the whole damn show. I asked for a pic when he came up for air lol!

I was like, who he done picked up off the street. I didn’t know about the rumors of who he was dating or anything but it was like she thought someone was gonna steal him or something. I was the first person to ask for a pic, then after I talked to him and took the pic, she grabbed him and kissed him. I was like…um okay!

Okay Zoe!

Check out more photos below.



Via NecoleBitchie

Watch Videos: Drake And Kanye Turn Up In Toronto Club


The turn up was too real in Toronto.

This past weekend Toronto’s nightclub, The Hoxton, witnessed a Kanye West and Drake mini concert and turn up. Drake not only performed Worst Behavior, but the two definitely displayed it.  Once the DJ started playing Yeezy’s records, Kanye held on to the top of the ceiling and began swinging from it. Ha!

See it for yourself below.

Prior to the party Kanye and Drake posed for a quick photo at Ye’s concert.


Aubrey O’ Day Throws Shade At D. Woods And D. Woods Snaps Back

Fans are still enjoying Danity Kane’s recent comeback performance, meanwhile back at the ranch Aubrey O’ Day is throwing shade at D. Woods who will not be re-uniting with her former band mates.

According to TMZ, D.Woods claims that she would have loved to perform with the girls during their recent performance in L.A. at the House of Blues but she wasn’t invited. Chile cheddah’!

Over the summer when the girls first re-united without her she stated the same thing but Dawn cleared the air  and let everyone know that D. Woods was invited but didn’t show up to their initial meeting.  Also, D.Woods may or may not remember that she released a statement in which she made it very clear that she would not be reuniting with the rest of Danity Kane. So who’s lying?

Anyway, when Aubrey heard about D. Woods’ interview with TMZ she headed over to Instagram and posted of herself and the girls from their recent House of Blues concert and she captioned it:

Do you spend your time takin interviews or, do you work? 

Sidebar: Woot tried her!

D. Woods retweeted the photo and snapped back:

That was cute @aubreyoday my attorney will be coming for my cut off that WORK #stillusingmyvocals

This could get ugly. Play nice ladies!

Dwyane Wade Reveal Details Of Proposal To Gabrielle Union

rs_560x415-131222092404-1024.Gabrielle-Union-Dwayne-Wade-Engaged.jl.122213_copy (1)

Black love at its finest!

By now you probably all have heard about Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade’s recent engagement.

This past weekend the two announced their engagement in a series of his and hers photos via Instagram. The photos included Gabby’s stunning 8.5 carat ring that Dwyane picked out himself. The ring retails at nearly one million dollars.

Jason Arasheben, CEO of Jason of Beverly Hills, tells E News:

Dwyane was very particular about finding the right stone for Gabrielle. He was hands on in the process he and I worked together to make sure they got the perfect ring for Gabrielle. I made three personal visits to Miami to present different options until they found the perfect one. Wade picked out the stone and they made the ring custom. Dwayne Wade was 100% involved in the process.

Apparently Dwyane has been planning the engagement for the past three months and with the help of his boys he really pulled off the proposal. Dwayne told Tim from The Associated Press, that the proposal took place in the new house that they’ve been building for some quite some time now and it was nothing special it was just a regular Saturday night.

— His youngest son Zion held a sign with her name.

— His nephew Dahveon Morris’ sign said “Will you.”

— And his oldest son Zaire’s sign read “marry us?”

Just a regular Saturday. My kids were involved in it. We asked her to marry all of us, not just me. We’re a package deal, so it was cool.

And when asked about the ring, Dwyane stated:

I kind of know my lady. I know she’s simple, but at the same time, I just wanted the rock to kind of speak for itself and not do too much with the diamonds. I think it’s a simple ring, but it’s nice. It was nicely done … it’s timeless.

See what Gabby and Dwyane had to say the night of the engagement on Instagram, below.

photo 1 (42)photo 2 (15)

No details on the wedding ceremony as of yet.

This engagement was long overdue! Congrats you two!

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images/Instagram