Did Evelyn Lozado Renig On Basketball Wives Reunion Because She’s 6 Months Pregnant?

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Chile, clearly Chad is somewhere balled up in a corner all in his feeling right now.

Yes honey! Evelyn Lozado’s daughter Shaniece done ruined my Black Friday shopping after releasing photos of her 6 month pregnant mother on Instagram. Shaniece was photographed palming Evelyn’s 6 month old baby bump on the sands of Maui. She captioned the photo:

You deserve everything that GOD sends your way. I am so excited to meet my new sibling! #youjustkeepwinning #babyswag #JOY @evelynlozada

TMZ originally broke the news this morning claiming that Evelyn pre-planned this pregnancy with the guy she’s been dating secretly for over a year now. According to sources the mystery guy is supposed to be Carl Crawford of the LA Dodgers who happens to be worth $130 million dollars. Cha-Ching! 

Just last month it was reported that Evelyn refused to participate in the filming of Basketball Wives reunion so the producers cancelled the entire thing. Without Evelyn the producers felt like there wouldn’t be enough material to make it a great reunion so they just said the hell with it. So now we’re wondering if her pregnancy had something to do with her not wanting to participate. Hmmm. 

Looks like Evelyn is really trying to live a more private life and if she would have done the reunion she definitely would have been bombarded with questions about her mystery man and the baby. Anywho, congrats Evelyn!

Catch another flick of Ev’s belly below.

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Talk about Stella getting her groove back! Hmmph!

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A Dreamchasers Thanksgiving: Meek Mill Hands Out Over 600 Turkeys To Less Fortunate Families In North Philly

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With the holidays readily approaching, Meek Mill and the entire Dream Chasers family took pride in giving back to their community yesterday. Just in time for Thanksgiving Meek was able to put a smile on the faces of many who showed up to the Martin Luther King Jr. Adult Center in North Philly for the first annual Dreamchasers Thanksgiving. The mayor of Philadephia, Mayor Nutter stood alongside the rapper and helped him pass out turkeys. He posted the above photo on Instagram yesterday with the caption:

Me & #mayorNutter giving back 2 the city of  Philadelphia #blessings

The rapper gave away over 600 turkeys to families in need and Channel 6 was on the scene to catch the footage. Watch it below.

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New Music: Ashanti ft. Rick Ross “I Got It””


Ashanti’s latest single I Got It will be featured on her forthcoming album Braveheart which is set to be released next year. The song includes boss lyrics from Rick Ross and Future provides us with a few adlibs. This is the second version of the song. Originally Future was the only person featured on the track, so he may have a verse on the finished product.

Listen to Ashanti talk her ish below.

Hit or miss?

Rihanna Takes Her Doobie To Drake’s Concert In L.A.


Looks like the doobie is here to stay!

Rih opted to wear her hair in a wrap for Drake’s concert in Los Angeles, Monday night at the Staples Center. Rih was spotted backstage flicking it up with celebrities like Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg and Nicki Minaj who hopped on stage with Drake and performed Make Me Proud.

Drake was recently spotted boo’d up with Zoe Kravitz on his tour bus which had folks questioning the status of his relationship with Rihanna. Welp folks it looks like Aubrih is here to stay. For now at least.

See photos below.


Rih was irritated by the paparazzi that bombarded her with flashes as she exited the concert. Catch the footage.

Looks like Nicki and Drake settled their minor differences. Watch them perform Make Me Proud below.

Catch more photos in the gallery below.

Kanye West Goes Toe To Toe With Charlamagne Tha God And Flips Out On Sway

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The turn up got real!

Kanye had social media networks in a frenzy all day yesterday after his radio interviews with The Breakfast Club and Sway were released. During The Breakfast Club interview Kanye went toe to toe with Charlamagne Tha God in the most civilized way possible but when it came to Sway the interview took a wrong turn quickly.

During both interviews Ye wore his heart on his sleeve and went on his normal spiel about corporations not wanting to back his creative ideas. Charlamagne who says he used to be a fan of Kanye called the rapper a “walking contradiction” for bashing the corporations and still trying to work with them. Charlamagne also had this to say about the Yeezus album:

Do you not like the reception the album has gotten? I didn’t like the album at all, and I was a Kanye West fan. But Yeezus was wack to me.

Kanye replied:

Yeah that’s great. That’s great. (smiled turned and looked at DJ Envy and said) So what were you saying?

Ha! Watch it below.

Charlamagne must’ve really got under Kanye’s skin because by the time he got to Sway’s show he was too turnt for no reason. It was pretty funny tho. 

Kanye again referred to how he’s being treated by the corporations and their conversation went like this:

Sway: Why don’t you empower yourself and don’t need them and do it yourself.

Kanye: How Sway?

Sway: Just take a few steps backwards…

Kanye: (SCREAMS) you ain’t got the answers man, you ain’t got the answers. I been doing this more than you.

Sway: Doing what more than me?

Kanye: (looks around) You ain’t been doing the education. You ain’t got the answers. You ain’t spend 13 million dollars of your own money trying to empower yourself.

Sway: Right but I spent hundreds of thousands putting out clothing lines at a smaller degree.

Kanye: It ain’t no Ralph though. What’s the name of your clothing line? We don’t know.

Sway remained calm for a very long time and once Sway got serious Kanye got himself back together and was able to move forward with the interview. Funniest interview ever! Ha! Watch it below.

Danity Kane And Day 26 Announce Comeback Tours


Well isn’t this a pleasant surprise!

The members of Danity Kane and Day 26 have announced their comeback tours! A while back the ladies of Danity Kane announced that they would be working together with the exception of D. Woods but we had no idea Day 26 had the same plans.

After Danity Kane made their fabulous appearance at the AMA’s they posted their announcement via Facebook:

Our first live concert in 5 years will be at House of Blues Sunset Strip in LA on DECEMBER 16, 2013!

Day 26 made their big announcement yesterday via press release.

The time has finally come and it’s official. Promoters, radio stations, bloggers, magazines be a part of this amazing reunion that the fans been begging for “DAY26 THE REUNION TOUR”

Featuring all 5 members of the group & Donnie Klang & DeAngelo Redman/members from making of the band 4..All together on 1 Stage for the world to enjoy.

How dope is that!

Peep a throwback flick of Danity Kane and Day 26 below.


Will you be attending either concert?


A$AP Rocky And Chanel Iman Coupled Up For Mandela Movie Screening And Dinner In NYC


Fashion killas murdering scenes!

Supermodel Chanel Iman and A$AP Rocky looked amazing while enjoying their date night out in NYC. Their date included a stop at the Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom movie screening and dinner at Japanese restaurant NOBU.

Chanel Iman was draped in an all white gown and trench coat the entailed fur around the neckline. A$AP kept it trill in a pair of boots and a hooded sweatshirt.

Catch flicks of them on the red carpet at the movie screening below.

ChanelImanMandelaLongWalkFreedomScreening ChanelImanMandelaLongWalkFreedomScreening2 ChanelImanMandelaLongWalkFreedomScreening3

Amber Rose Debuts New Green Hair At Miley Cyrus’ 21st Birthday Party

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Yassss muva!

Amber Rose can pull off almost any hairstyle that she wants to. We say almost because there were a few folks who weren’t feeling her last hairdo too much. We’re sure that she’ll win those folks back over this time around.

Muva debuted her new green hair before heading out to Miley Cyrus’ 21st birthday bash. After having had one to many drinks at Miley’s turnt up birthday celebration the young singer had Amber reflecting on her past so she sent an extra special birthday shoutout to Miley via Instagram.

Faded #HappyBirthdayMiley!!!!! Had a blast at ur BDay Party tonight. Was lookin for ya drunk a– Lol U remind me so much of myself when I was 21. Fu-k the world bit-h ur the sh-t! I got cha back babes through what eva. @mileycyrus

Love it! Catch another flick of Amber’s green hair below.

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Amber posted up with a good friend for a snapshot. Under the pic she wrote:

Yeees Muva is giving Tranny tee’s @backshotbillie

Lets not forget that back in 2011 she had a similar color.


See footage of Miley Cyrus’ 21st birthday party below.

They betta’ do that!

Are you feeling Amber’s new look?

Ne Ne Leakes Claims Kenya Moore Couldn’t Afford Penthouse: “I Know When A Girl Can’t Afford Something”


Chile the shade! HA!

If you are an avid watcher of Real Housewives of Atlanta then you would’ve seen on the last episode that Ne Ne Leakes attempted to help Kenya Moore find an apartment after she was kicked out of the home she was renting. Before the house shopping even began Ne Ne was throwing shade when she walked into the hotel room Kenya Moore was staying in. The room happened to have a white refrigerator, it was a bit small and didn’t have the best view of the city. Ne Ne referred to it as “the ghetto” and a 2.3 star hotel. Lawdddd I can’t!

Ne Ne then takes Kenya to her personal realtor where they show Kenya a 4,000 square foot upscale penthouse in which they wanted 1.6 million dollars for. Chile Ms. Kenya Moore shut the offer down quickly honey claiming that she needs at least a 5,000 square foot home for all the “theatrics” that takes place in her bedroom. HA!

Yesterday, Ne Ne Leakes hopped on her Bravo Blog and here’s what she had to say about the situation:

Given the fact that she claims to be so fabulous, it was quite shocking to see her in a less than fabulous hotel. I’m not Kenya’s friend, but I am trying to get to know her, so I wanted to reach out to her to help her with looking for a home, because Atlanta is my city. I took Kenya to one of the finest, most exclusive penthouses in Atlanta, but I know when a girl can’t afford something, so I joked and we exited the building because I clearly had taken her out of her price range!

And in response to Ne Ne, Kenya wrote:


I can call foul and say NeNe was throwing shade in her interviews about my living arrangements. The truth is I was at the Georgian Terrace, which is a 4 star hotel with valet parking in a 2 BR 2 BA suite while the other side of hotel was being renovated. It may have looked like an apartment of some kind, but I can assure you it was not. The juxtaposition of the two places was funny, and I’ll take this one to the chin. But no one should try to count my money, especially when one has never owned a home of their own.


I appreciate when one can humble themselves and admit they lied through the entire first season. I find it interesting that people in glass houses throw stones and call people names more befitting to themselves such as “fake.” My instincts are always accurate, and I only hope the lies on all levels stop. You can only be successful in life when you are real. Being fake will never get you anywhere.


In case you missed it, check out Ne Ne’s reaction to Kenya’s hotel here.

Source Confirms Kelly Rowland Is Engaged To Long Time Manager Tim Witherspoon


Gotta love all this black love being tossed around these days!

A source close to Kelly Rowland has confirmed to US Weekly that the rumors surrounding Kelly being engaged to her manager Tim Witherspoon are true! According to the source Kelly hasn’t come forth because she wants to enjoy her engagement privately a little while longer. Well thanks for ruining it for her!

The source notes:

She has been showing [the ring] off to friends and family and is very happy. She wants to…enjoy [it] and celebrate for a bit longer.

The rumors began when we spotted Kelly wearing a huge engagement band in an Instagram video. Last week we stated that neither party has come forth and confirmed theses rumors and that still holds truth. We will be on the lookout for a confirmation from either Kelly or Tim.  But for now congrats you two!