Blac Chyna And Tyga Attends Kim Kardashian’s Birthday Party In Las Vegas And Kanye West Falls Asleep


Ye isn’t sleeping he’s really just admiring Kim’s boobs. Ha! We wish that were true but it isn’t!

While in the middle of touring, planning engagement parties and celebrating Kim Kardashian’s 33rd birthday, Kanye just cant keep up and last night he proved it. The couple celebrated Kim’s birthday last night at TAO in Las Vegas with friends like Naya Rivera, Blac Chyna and Tyga  as well as family members Khloe, Kourtney, Kris and Scott. Chile at some point during the party Kanye’s body shut down on him cause’ homeboy was knocked out. Once Kim got tired of holding him up, Ye found a spot in the corner to catch some Zzzz’s.

Peep the flicks below.


Hey Ye! Next time order a red bull. Haha! (I’m so guilty of this though smh)

Kim was dressed to kill in a white laced 2-piece ensemble. The outfit complimented her post-baby curves very well. Luckily, the cameras were able to capture a few intimate moments of the two before Kanye dozed off  .

kim-kardashian-and-kanye-west-at-tao2 kim-kardashian-and-kanye-west-at-tao3 kim-kardashian-and-kanye-west-at-tao4kim-kardashian-and-friends-at-tao

Naya Rivera, Kourtney Kardashian, Blac Chyna, Kim Kardashian and Robin Antin serving!


Those Kardashian girls!



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New Zealanders Welcome Beyonce With Traditional “Haka” Dance

Beyonce-Haka-Dance1 Beyonce-Haka-Dance2

LOL! Get it Bey!

Beyonce is still slaying on her Mrs.Carter World Tour, and upon her arrival and prior to her performance in Auckland, New Zealand , she was welcomed with the country’s traditional warrior dance called “Haka”. Haka is a traditional warrior dance that is used to honor distinguished guest and/or to intimidate opponents before a game.


Check out Bey getting down with the New Zealanders below. Too funny!

Kendrick Lamar Gets Flicked Up By Terry Richardson


Controversial rap artist Kendrick Lamar poses for  famed  photog Terry Richardson in FW13 issue of Document Magazine. The pics were also featured on Terry’s Tumblr and Instagram page. was posted up in front of a white back drop dressed in designers like Tom Ford , Prada, Dior Homme, and A.P.C.

Kendrick is one of many celebrities to stand in front of the lens of  Terry Richards camera. Other high profile people includes Kanye West, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Lindsay Lohan, and even President Barak Obama.



Get into the pics below.



Oop Kendrick done got a little fancy on us. But we like it though.



If your trying to keep up with Kendrick you can catch him with Yeezy on the North American “Yeezus Tour” or tonight at Powerhouse in Philly.


Nicki Minaj Teams Up With Mavado For New Video “Give It All To Me”

Mavado ft. Nicki Minaj- Give-It-All-To-Me1 Mavado ft. Nicki Minaj- Give-It-All-To-Me2photo (5)

The head barb is currently being featured in Dj Khaled’s artist, Mavado’s, new video Give It All To Me. Not only does Nicki make an appearance but she’s laid a verse on the track as well. Which comes as no surprise seeing as though the pop rapper is constantly channeling her Caribbean roots, whether it be a shout out or a full blown verse in a Jamaican accent.

Throughout the video the duo brings their Caribbean flavor to the beach while girls are dancing in bikinis and the guys are chilling. Nicki joins in on the festivities later after spitting her verse from the passenger seat of a blue drop-top Lambo.

This track is featured on DJ Khaled’s newly released compilation album Suffering From Success. Check out the video below.

La La Anthony Talks Loving Sex With Carmelo And Why She’s Not Worried About Him Cheating

la-la-on-bethannyLaLa Anthony is a very busy woman these days. But with juggling a demanding career, full time motherhood, and being a NBA wife, she still manages to make time for a little “one-on-one” with her hubby.

During a recent appearance on “Bethenny”, the VH1 reality star shared a few intimate details about her relationship with New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony as well as why she isn’t worried about him cheating on her.

On not worrying about Carmelo cheating:

I’m just very secure in myself. I cant worry about what’s happening on the road. I know our relationship. I know we have a great relationship. He’s my best friend and that’s what I put my energy on. If we think too much about what’s going on when we are not there and checking phones and cracking email codes, that will drive a woman crazy. You have to be secure in yourself and hope that’s the best.

On going on the road with her husband:

Sometimes I go on the road. I work so much that I am just not able to pick up and go on the road but if he is going to a fun place, Chicago, Miami somewhere that I want to visit, yeah I’ll jump on the road and hang out.

On the importance of sex in the relationship:

Wow that’s a good one. I love sex. I think emotional definitely but I love sex, I think it’s very important. I think they are definitely related if you guys are compatible on an emotional level you guys will just be magnetic and great. One thing with sex with me is, I’m not into scheduling sex now. I am just not into that. I don’t think that’s Hot, I like being spontaneous and things just happen and you’re like whoaaaa.

Watch a few clips from La La’s interview below. 

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Drake Gets Grown And Sexy For His 27th Birthday Celebration

Happy Birthday Drizzy!!!!

Although the Canadian rap star turned 27 yesterday, Drake celebrated his big day the other night in his hometown of Toronto and of course he has every reason to celebrate.

After successfully releasing his third album Nothing Was The Same, landing an executive position with the Toronto Raptors and launching a nationwide tour, its a wonder Drizzy even had time to post his birthday pics on Instagram.

But we’re glad he did.

Drake’s star studded birthday bash included lot’s of champagne, a giant cake, a few of his celebrity friends. Future and Miguel were amongst the many guest at the party as all three will be performing live tonight in Toronto.

The birthday boy dressed in a white dinner jacket and bowtie as he celebrated his special day.

Catch more of Champagne Papi’s birthday flicks below.

drake and future

drake bday5

drake bday4

Media Take Out reports that Drizzy has a new porn star girlfriend named Kakey who was spotted out with Drake on the day of his birthday.  MTO reports read:

According to a TOP SNITCH at YMCMB, Drake has basically FALLEN IN LOVE with the chick – because of all the FREAKY THINGS she does.

We’re told that Drake has ALREADY spend $20K flying her around the country to be with him. And out of ALL THE CHICKS that he could spend his birthday with . . . he chose her.

Chile, we don’t now if this is true or not. Base your own opinions on this story. Ha! Read more here.

See Photos And Behind-The-Scenes Video Of Beyonce’s 2014 Calendar

beyonce-calendar1Yes Baddie!

Beyonce is serving in the photos from her 2014 calendar. Although the calendars aren’t useful until next year they were released and are available for purchase right now. Yes it’s still 2013 but who wouldn’t want to see Bey peeking from behind a door looking gorgeous as ever in a pair of latex booty shorts. And if you thought that was hot, there are more photos below plus a behind-the-scenes visual from the photo shoot.

Can’t get enough of Bey? See more.

beyonce-calendar2 beyonce-calendar3 beyonce-calendar5beyonce-calendar4


Diddy Gets Emotional As He Talks About Growing Up Without A Father


With all the success Diddy has come upon throughout the span of his career, never once has he shared his personal story about his father. Monday morning (the day of Revolt TV’s launch) Diddy sat in his NYC apartment and got extremely emotional while sharing what his life was like growing up without a father. Unfortunately Diddy doesn’t have many memories with his dad Melvin Combs because Melvin was shot and killed when Diddy was only three years old.

Diddy referred to Melvin as a hustler when he talked about his father’s drug dealing past.

My father was a hustla’. He was a drug dealer, he was a hustla’. I learned early in life there’s only two ways out of that… dead or in jail and umm, it made me work even harder. Sometimes you can’t answer why things happen. But I definitely think the route I went on, you know hitting my books and tryna’ be somebody, I think he played a role in that.

(Sidebar:take notes kids)

Before his emotions got the best of him Diddy ended the interview. Watch it below.

Watch Video Of Kanye’s Proposal To Kim Kardashian

photo (2)

From the looks of this, we can only imagine what the wedding ceremony is going to look like!

As previously stated, Kanye did a superb job at surprising Kim Kardashian with a 15 karat engagement ring on her 33rd birthday. Kim had no idea that her baby daddy would stand in the middle of a baseball field with her in front of a live band and pop the big question. Not only did he verbally ask Kim too marry him but he had the words PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!!! plastered across the scoreboard.

In the video, you’ll see Kim totally in shock as Kanye pops the question on one knee. The couple then shares a hug and kiss before all of their friends and family members excitedly runs on the field screaming and yelling to join them.

Watch it below. 

Check out their live band below.

We can’t wait to see what the wedding is going to look like!


Kim posted the above photo with the caption “YES!!!”.

After ten long years of chasing Kim, Kanye can finally call her his fiance!

Kanye West Explains Bringing Jesus On Stage, Illuminati And Why He Uses His “White Voice”


“Is that weird if Jesus comes on stage?” is the question that Kim Kardashian asked before Kanye West brought the religious figure on stage during his controversial performance this past weekend. Kanye obviously didn’t think it was weird but plenty of others not only felt as though it was weird but also disrespectful and blasphemous to the religion.

Kanye sat down with the folks of Wild 94.9  to discuss his reasoning for bringing Jesus on stage. Here’s what he had to say:

I had a friend of mine who was a pastor there and we discussed why we were going to do that. My girl even asked afterwards like ‘Is that weird if Jesus comes on stage?’ No! We do plays all the time where people play Jesus.  You know, what’s awesome about Christianity is we’re allowed to portray God. We’re allowed to draw images of him, we’re allowed to make movies about him. Other religions aren’t. So that’s what’s really awesome about Christianity. That’s one of the awesome things.

When he was asked why he referred to Jesus as “White Jesus” on stage, his response was:

The reason why I thought it was important to say “White Jesus”… You know all that matters is what you see, how you believe in you and how you love your family. That’s my opinion, the real opinion is in the bible. This is my opinion and my message for what I’m dealing with right now…. It’s funny because you hear the term “Black Jesus” all the time but you never hear the term “White Jesus” (laughs). It’s just some Kanye West sh-t really. 

Kanye spit a verse from his New Slaves song when they asked him about the Illumanati:

They’ll confuse us with some bullsh-t like the New World Order

Meanwhile the DEA, teamed up with the CCA

They tryna lock n*ggas up, they tryna make new slaves

See that’s that private owned prison, get your piece today

Prolly all in the Hamptons, braggin’ ’bout their maid

Fu-k you and your Hampton house, I’ll fu-k ya Hampton spouse

What it means is some of the distractions are working. They are distracting you talking about that’s the Illuminati does anybody know what the illuminati is supposed to be, what are you talking about?

As of lately interviewee Kanye hasn’t been using the same voice that we are used to hearing and has received lots of backlash from it. Individuals feel like Kanye is putting on a front for the interviewer and cameras. Well he is! Kanye refers to his new voice as the “white voice”.  He explains that certain “classes” have their own way of picking on black people so this is his way of returning the favor.

I learned a few years ago, that it wasn’t about race, it was about class. That even when you get invited to certain dinner parties or even when you’re in certain magazines you know its still like a dinner for schmuck situation. Are they inviting you to be a part of what your doing or are they inviting you to laugh at your teeth and ask you a million questions like ‘Oh those are cool teeth, what’s that?’ And then we have our thing that we do. Every time we do it we give them the white voice (laughs). So it goes both ways.

Right after he goes into “the crash of the classes” and talks about how he used to have to fight to get into fashion shows, just as he did previously on Jimmy Kimmel Live a few weeks ago.

Watch the 3-part interview below.

Mobile viewers listen to the full interview below.