Meagan Good Responds To BET Awards Dress Criticism: ‘I Don’t Feel Convicted About This At All’

Meagan Good had some Christian folk gasping for air when she showed up to the 2013 BET awards in a gorgeous glove fitting, Michael Costello gown with a v-cut plunging neckline. The actress would not have received so much backlash from the Christian community if she wasn’t married to Devon Franklin who just so happens to be a preacher. That would of course make Meagan a First Lady. Meagan not only received backlash for wearing the gown though.

Folks also felt as though it was disrespectful for the Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man actress to present the Best Gospel award in such a revealing gown. Since then the singer has kept quiet up until one of her fans supported her decision to wear the dress via instagram and Meagan posted it up. The Meagan Good fan came to Meagan’s defense by saying:

I love it!!!!! Go head Meagan, keep making people start the conversations and confront their religiosity and judgemental spirits forgetting what they have been redeemed from…Love conquers a multitude of sins and your love stance will continue to reveal the difference between the Kingdom of God (righteousness, joy, peace motivated by love) vs Religion! #kingdomfriend #igetit

After a number of folks began attacking Meagan even more under the photo she defended herself by commenting back and saying

… I don’t feel convicted about this at all .,my spirit is saddened that our people only know one way to think and process things.. I’m not any less holy because the dress I wore -I may not be who people think I should be -but I’m morphing into exactly who God wants me to be.. My excuse is never “I’m going to do me” and I don’t feel that I need to make an excuse or defend or what I wore .. I know I have a responsibility -and I’m working daily to fulfill the full potential of all God has created me to be.. A dialogue was started about my character, integrity, my walk with God and my Husband -simply based on a dress that I wore.., Of course I’m going to have a reaction to people saying negative things… It’s just sad.. Makes me sad not regretful.. My heart and spirit is always open to whatever my Father would want to share with me… And my spirit tells me to be exactly who I authentically am -because that’s what’s going to reach who I was authentically designed to touch.. people like me who are often misunderstood and told their cut of God’s promise -because they don’t look the role …when God doesn’t care about us “looking the role”..he is always cared about bringing us in -and us being whatever we need to be to bring Those left out in .. And it just makes me sad that us as Christians can’t see beyond our initial reaction and don’t seek God before the attack other brothers and sisters …and never think for one moment that: God knows what he’s doing and he uses everything for his glory .. and he has a plan for every specific situation.. I had intentions on anything .. Merely picked a dress I saw and loved … God knows my heart and that I didn’t do anything wrong .. And he will use even people’s thoughts to bring him glory.

Do you think Megan’s dress was appropriate for the occasion or not ?

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A$AP Rocky Smacks Female Fan In The Face

A$AP Rocky pimp hand is strong.

While walking through the crowd showing his fans some love during his performance in Sydney, Australia things got heated for a quick couple of seconds. A female began hitting the top of Rocky’s head repeatedly while trying to get his attention soon after A$AP turns around but ‘m sure the fan didn’t get the reaction she expected. A super annoyed A$AP didn’t even notice that the fan was blowing him a kiss right before he smacked the sh– out of her. Right after, he began yelling and waving his finger at her like a parent does a child when they’ve done something wrong. Yikes!

Get into the smack below.

Rihanna recently just did the same thing to one of her fans. If these entertainers aren’t going to keep their performances limited to the stage a lot more people are going to be getting smacked. Sad but true.


Rihanna Attends Chanel Haute Couture Fashion Show In Paris + Rihanna Caught Twerking To Drake Song

While Rihanna’s ex boo Chris Brown was just out with his ex girlfriend Karrueche during the BET Awards Rihanna could probably care less. The songstress is over in Paris and has been rubbing elbows with Vogue editor and chief Anna Wintour and creative director for fashion house Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld. Thats big business!

Yesterday, running off of no hours of sleep Rihanna attended the Chanel Haute Couture fashion show draped in Chanel from head to toe. Rih captioned one of her photos

Went straight to the Chanel Couture show early this morning with NO SLEEP!!! It was so worth it!!!

We bet !

And she always has her bestie Melissa right by her side. Speaking of her bestie, a video of Rihanna twerking to Drake’s  verse in Fuc-ing Problems was leaked by Melissa and has made its way online. Watch it below.

We find it quite odd that she she was dancing on Drake’s verse and not 2 Chainz or A$AP Rocky’s. Hmmm, let us find out she throwing hints that she and Drake are re-kindling their relationship. Get it Rih Rih !

Top 3 Best Performances From 2013 BET Awards: Kendrick Lamar + Erykah Badu, R. Kelly And Janelle Monae + Erykah Badu

Nothing but good vibes filled the room during Kendrick Lamar’s epic performance to Bit-h Don’t Kill My Vibe where he brought out the legendary Erykah Badu. The duo lit up the stage with soulful sounds and the chemistry was definitely on point. At the end of the performance the two held hands as Kendrick walked Miss Badu to the staircase located on the stage, we couldn’t help but notice what Erykah’s momma gave her.

Watch it below.


R. Kelly took us down memory lane as he performed a few snippets like “Ignition”, “Bump and Grind”, “Fiesta, “When A Woman’s Fed Up” and more. Watch it below.

Janelle Monae represented black star power well as they performed their latest single Q.U.E.EN. Watch it below.

Ciara Rips 2013 BET Awards Stage And Brings Her Boyfriend Future As Her Date

Ciara-2013-BET-Awards-Performance0-ihatemypublicist.comThe turnt up R&B princess had no remorse for the 2013 BET Award stage last  night as she tore the the dance floor up with her super crunked and sexy dance moves.

The singer started off the first half of her performance with her new super turnt up song I’m Out.  Nicki Minaj held her verse down before Ciara popped up from under the ground and start ripping the stage in her TopShop all over money print two piece.  Ciara slowed it down for the second half of her performance, where she displayed major sex tease while singing the lyrics to her hit single Body Party. Watch her kill it below.

Per the usual, Ciara brught her boyfriend Future to the BET Awards as her date. Too cute!

photo 1


Ciara was dressed in a black YSL two-piece skirt set and Lorraine-Schwartz gold heels.