Solange Performs Cover To Nivea’s “Laundromat” Inside Of A Laundromat

Solange put on a not so cliche performance in Brooklyn at the Atlantis Super Wash Center (a.k.a laundromat). Her performance was a part of the Uncapped series for Fader Magazine and Vitamin Water. The fashionista rocked a printed short set and printed heels that were designed by Pereen.

The concept of performing in a laundromat is really dope but Solange not only performed in a laundromat. The Indie singer took her performance to the next level by singing Nivea’s classical tune, Laundromat.

Listen below.

Listen to a few more of her tracks from her True LP below.

Solange’s second look was brought to you by a Nicholas Kirkwood pant suit and Peter Pilotto heels.

Watch: TLC Biopic Sneak Peek Has Been Released

As we already know Drew Sidora, Lil Mama and Ke Ke Palmer has snagged the roles of Chilli, Left Eye and T-Boz for the upcoming TLC biopic. We have to admit, these ladies definitely nailed the looks of the girl group. The sneak peek to the movie has been released and this is what VH1 had to say about it:

In this first look of the film, which will air this October on VH1, Lil Mama (Left Eye), Keke Palmer (Chilli), and Drew Sidora (T-Boz) morph into their roles perfectly and we watch as the best-selling female R&B group ever gets their start. The film, which was executive produced by surviving members Chilli and T-Boz, features the struggles, the rise to fame, and of course the music, that made us want to dance, sing along, and jokingly put a condom on our left eye when the moment felt right. The film is just one more milestone in this group’s history, and VH1 is thrilled to be a part of it.

Watch the trailer below.

During a press conference Chilli and T-Boz announced that Lil Mama will be taking the stage with them, this weekend, during the Mixtape Festival at Hershey Park. This should make for a great show being as though Lil Mama has been studying the former group member for so long.

How do you feel about Lil Mama taking the stage as Left Eye in real life?

Jay-Z Reveals That He Didn’t Sleep For Two Days After The George Zimmerman Verdict Was Read + Talks Drake Being His Biggest Competitor

Keep the interviews coming Jay!

Unlike his good friend Yeezy, Jay-Z has been on a roll with the interviews. During his most recent interview with Rap Radar’s Elliot Wilson held at the NY Yankee Stadium he dished on a array of topics from Beyonce, to being a dad, what he struggles with and more. Hov wasn’t afraid to dish on his feelings towards the George Zimmerman case and he even admitted to not sleeping for two days after the reading of the verdict.

I was really angry. I didn’t sleep for two days. We all knew there was still a bit of racism in America but for it to be so blatant, ask yourself the question, “Didn’t Trayvon have the right to stand his ground?” He was being chased, he fought back. He may have won but that doesn’t mean he’s a criminal. If you chase me and try to attack me and I defend myself, how can I be wrong? This guy went to get some skittles and go back to watch the All-Star Game. He had plans. He had no intention of robbing anyone’s home. They’re funding George Zimmerman because they want to hold onto their guns. We all know it was wrong.

Hov also admitted that although he and Drake are good friends, he feels like Drizzy is his biggest competitor.

We hear the lines “feelin like the throne is for the takin, watch me take it”. It wasn’t meant with malice or disrespect, it’s just like I’m coming acknowledge my existence. There is a respect thing but there’s also a competitive thing and it’s being done the right way. He’s definitely reared his head as that guy. He’s definitely Kobe Bryant.

Watch the 2-part interview below.

Celebrities Support The For Trayvon Martin Campaign: Meagan Good, Karen Civil, Dawn Richard And Couple Eva Marcille + Kevin McCall

Super stars such as Meagan Good, Dawn Richard, Karen Civil and celebrity couple Eva Marcille and Kevin McCall each raised their hand by taking a stand and supporting the Trayvon Martin Campaign. The photos were professionally shot by Kawai Matthews. The launch of the new website ForTrayvon.Org was spearheaded by Jason Lee.

According to the website the purpose is to…

… increase public awareness of all forms of racial, ethnic and gender profiling, educate youth on conflict resolution techniques, and create a conversation wherever those inequalities exist. We need you to be apart of this movement. We are doing this so Trayvon’s death will not be in vain, and his legacy lives through a united call for change. Let’s do this…#ForTrayvon!

See more pics below.

New Video: Busta Rhymes ft. Nicki Minaj “Twerk It”



The clappas was out in Busta Rhymes’ latest video Twerk It including Nicki Minaj’s. The visual features a lot of twerking, winding and crazy costumes such as the ones we’ve seen previously on Busta. Nicki makes a cameo towards the end of the video while spitting her verse in her Trinidadian accent and shaking what her doctor gave her. Ha!

Watch it below.

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Beyonce’s Hair Gets Caught In A Fan During Performance And She Doesn’t Miss A Beat

Last night, Beyonce was literally gone with the wind fabulous. No time for twirling though. The only thing that was twirling was the tracks of her hair caught up in the blades of a nearby fan.

Last night the singer was in the midst of singing Halo when all of a sudden a fan grabbed on to her hair and wouldn’t let go. The singer failed while attempting to pull her hair out of the fan but thanks to her body guard she was able to get loose. Bey never stopped singing throughout the mayhem and nearby fans helped Beyonce fix her hair once she was set free.

Last night Bey poked fun at herself by posting lyrics to a song that she had written about the incident on instagram.

Gravity can’t begiiiiiin
to pull me out of the fan again.

I felt my hair was yankiiiiiin
From the fan that’s always hatiiiiin
Virgin Remy & Malaysiiiiiaaaaaaannnn
I got snatched
2 snaps
Goodnight All, B

The song goes to her Halo beat. Watch the incident below.

Kelly Rowland Stuck At Sea While Whale Watching And Rescued By Coast Guards

Just when you thought whale watching at sea was a great idea.

Kelly Rowland and friends sailed out to sea for a day of whale watching until things quickly turned ugly.

Off the shores of Provincetown, Massachusetts, where Kelly was at, the waves were 5 to 6 inches high and soon disoriented the group’s boat. Not only were the waves high but it was foggy outside which makes it worse. The coast guard had too be called out to sea to rescue the singer and her entourage.

An employee tells E News:

Her friends and the crew arrived on land at around 10 p.m., after being at sea for 12 hours. The entire group was said to be “tired and thankful.” They just wanted to get off the boat.

Wow! Glad she’s safe!

Catch Kelly’s new Dirty Laundry video here!

Roc Nation Issues Rihanna A Written Warning Due To Recent Antics

A nipple revealing Rihanna was spotted leaving her hotel in Sweden yesterday. The singer was in a non bra wearing and mesh top rocking mood which comes to no surprise to us because Rih wears and does whatever she wants and gives zero fu-ks while doing so. Well, her non-chalant behavior may finally be catching up to her .

Over the past few weeks Rihanna has been making headlines left and right. It started with her clocking a fan in the head with a microphone, then showing up to her Manchester show late which resulted in fans pelting chips at her, oh and lets not forget about her stumbling out of a concert totally wasted. The label is supposedly fed up with the bad gal’s recent antics and has decided to take action.

It has been reported that Jay-Z/ Roc Nation Label has issued out a warning notice to Rihanna via email. The letter was allegedly sent to let Rih letting her know that if she doesn’t get it together, then she could possibly get the boot. An insider tells British Magazine:

Everyone can see Rihanna’s not behaving herself.

Fans have paid hundreds of pounds for tickets and she’s regularly showing up hours late. Then she often gives lack luster performances where she even forgets her words at times. They issued a written warning which was emailed to Rihanna.

Yikes! If this is true Rih may want to straighten up because Sean Carter has a lot of power in the entertainment industry. We love Rihanna for her idgaf attitude because it’s raw and it’s real and that’s just who she is as a person. But when you are representing a brand (such as Roc Nation) you have to carry yourself a certain way. Good luck Rih!

Does Ciara Give Future A Pass To Cheat On Her?

Ciara and her boyfriend Future were hugged up at Reign nightclub in Atlanta over the weekend. The two hopped on a flight after the release of Ciara’s self-titled album Ciara and were photographed on a private island for a romantic vacation, and have just returned.

While promoting her new album the singer stopped by Hot 97 to interview with the morning show. While there the question of whether or not Ciara would allow Future to cheat on her with another woman or not came up. Although Ci Ci is head over heels for Future and would probably do anything in the world for her rapper boyfriend, sharing is definitely not an option. Ciara made it clear that she didn’t want to even put those negative thoughts out into the universe and admits to leaving ex-boyfriends that have cheated on her in the past.

First, we’re not even going to put that out in the universe.[…]At this point in my life, I don’t know what I’m going to say or do. [Have you left before for someone cheating?] Yes. Every time. Not instantly, because sometimes you don’t have full clarity and sometimes a person can lie so good that the lie sounds kind of true so you don’t really grasp what the reality is. When you get to the place within yourself like, I’m not dumb, then you have the strength to be like, I’m okay. Then you have the strength to say, ‘I’m out.’ Love can make you be blind.


Choreographer Viva La’ Veese Takes On Ciara’s “Body Party”

Ci Ci better watch out because Ms. Viva La’ Veese got moves honey!

I had the pleasure of meeting Viva during a networking event called Business Babes Who Brunch that took place on Saturday in Philadelphia and had no idea that this woman had moves such as the ones featured in the below video of her and her dancers dancing to Ciara’s Body Party. Viva is an up and coming choreographer located in the Philadelphia area and has worked with some of the top artists in the city such as Lee Mazin and GoGo Morrow.

In the wee hours of the night Viva released her latest choreographed video. The video features Viva and her ladies, TeamViva, teasing major sex appeal and seduction. The crew’s apparel consisted of thigh-high stockings and tan thong equipped leotards that would make it easy for any of Miley Cyrus’ twerk sessions. Ha! Hey fellas this video is certain to make your day!

Get into the video below. Explicit content.

Ladies feel free to try this at home.

Check out Viva’s website for more info.