Bish Stole My Swag! K. Michelle Steals Photoshoot Idea For “Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart” Album?



K. Michelle’s friends aren’t the only people stealing these days. HA!

In light of her new album Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart, the singer has been promoting the albums art work which consists of her “big ego” covered in red roses. Although the photos are lovely we can’t quite give the credit for the idea.

LadyyTatyanaa from Instagram is accusing K. Michelle of stealing the concept from a photo shoot that she posted on her page seventeen weeks ago. Here’s what she had to say about it:

It has been brought to my attention that@kmichellemusic copied my picture exactly from 4 months ago to promote her new album. Can someone with some type of legal background tell me if I can do anything from a legal standpoint?

Are you kidding me? And she copied another one of my photos. @kmichellemusic or her photographer straight up copied my whole photoshoot! No originally AT ALL. I refuse to let her make money off of@monhandworks and myself ideas

Oh but there’s more! (more…)

Get Into This! Soul Train Awards 2014 Red Carpet Fashion Recap

soul-train-awards-cover-1 soul-train-awards-cover-2

And then this happened…

Last night cameras flocked to the red carpet as celebs showed up to the annual Soul Train Awards in Las Vegas. Slayage of the night included looks from designers such as Tom Ford, Balmain, Roberto Cavalli and more. Although gowns are lovely, it was nice to see these ladies step out of their comfort zones by rocking pant suits, shorts and jumpsuits.

Tamar did a fabulous job co-hosting in a Roberto Cavalli pant suit, gold choker and long blonde hair. Most would disagree, but we absolutely loved Lil’ Kim’s look last night in which she debuted her new blue hair accented with a lace top, leather shorts and black over the knee Tom  Ford boots.

Get into more looks below.


Lil Wayne And Toya Wright Goes All Out For Reginae Carter’s Sweet 16 Birthday Bash


“She came, She slayed, Shows over!!!” were Toya Wright’s final words as she and Lil Wayne wrapped up their daughter Reginae Carter’s extravagant sweet 16 birthday bash last night in Atlanta. “Chapter 16″ is what they named the celebration while guests of the evening hashtagged #Chapter16 and #NaeDay via Instagram under photos.

Reginae arrived to her Louisiana themed party on a horse and carriage. Cameras flashed as she made her way to the entrance in a Jovani Fashion’s gown. She wore the gown to start the night off and made five different wardrobe changes throughout the evening.

Entertainment for the night included a live performance from Young Money’s own Nicki Minaj. Reginae took the stage with Nicki and danced along to the rapper’s lyrics.

Lil Wayne’ was in attendance but not with his rumored boo thang Christina Milian. He was actually spotted taking a selfie with his ex-fiance Dhea. Other celebrities such as T.I., Tiny, Kandi Buruss, Rasheeda Frost, OMG Girlz, Lil Twist and more were in attendance as well.

The highlight of the night were the gifts Reginae received from her parents. The 16 year old received not one luxury vehicle but two. Check out her brand new red BMW and white Ferrari below.


Abs On Fleek! Jada Pinkett Smith’s 61 Year Old Mother Adrienne Is Hot

photo (13)


This photo of Jada Pinkett’s mother has somewhat “broke the internet” ever since the actress posted it on her Facebook page the other day. The photo features Jada’s mother, Adrienne, in a bikini surfacing from the ocean with abs for days.

Cha who needs Baywatch? This woman is 61 years old and doesn’t look a day over 30.

Jada says she wants to be just like her mother, but chile who wouldn’t? She posted the following caption on her Facebook page:

Willow took this shot of her grandmother, my mother, emerging from the ocean today. She is 61!

I wanna be her when I grow up:)
Happy Friday…

Jada is 43 and well on her way to looking just like her mother at 61.

Earlier this year Jada revealed some of her health and fitness secrets to Health Magazine. Here  are a few tips on how she stays so fit. (more…)

New Music: Frank Ocean “Memrise”


In case you missed it after your tummys were stuffed with turkey, Frank Ocean released a new record titled Memrise late Thanksgiving night. This track will be featured on Frank’s sophomore album which according to the singer is just about finished.

The song tells the story of Frank wanting to visit his lover at home after having sensual thoughts about them. While it may be hard to understand the lyrics over the slow ballad Frank posted the lyrics on his Tumblr page for us.

I memorized the wayward expressions

Never look down 
Never let you see me down 
I memorized the way no directions
Can I come over now 
I’d like to stay a little while 
I memorized your body exposed 
I could fuck you all night long 
From a memory alone

I never forget a face 
Don’t go plastic on me 
Nothing’s set in stone 
You’re not dipped in gold
Dipped in gold
You can’t breathe if you’re dipped in gold
You are not on paper 
You are not a copy 
You’re so, you’re thick, so thick

If you were a fan of the first album Channel Orange then you are going to love Frank’s new album according to director Nabil Elderkin. Earlier this year Nabil told us that this album “blows the sophomore-album myth out of the water”.

Take a sneak peek of what you probably can expect below. (more…)

Jordin Sparks Disses Ex-Boyfriend Jason Derulo In New Song “How Bout Now”


Remember when you broke ya’ neck and I had to wash ya’ back for ya’, Probably don’t remember half the sh-t I did for ya’

After a devastating break up, Jordin Sparks is on her Taylor Swift ish. The singer recently jumped in the studio and lent her vocals to Drake’s new How Bout’ Now track.

In the lyrics Jordin reminisces on how she took care of Jason when his neck was broke, how she deleted every guys number out of her phone for him and she even brought up Jason’s Breakfast Club Interview. During that interview Jason bad mouthed Jordin saying she only wanted him for his fame -__- and even said he wanted the BMW that he had just bought her back.

Listen to Jordin’s response to that below. (more…)

Rick Ross And Rumored New Girlfriend Ming Lee Hits Atlanta’s Club Compound Together


While in Atlanta promoting his new album Hood Billionaire over the weekend at club Compound, Rick Ross brought one of Atlanta’s finest accessories along with him. The rapper celebrated the release of his new album with successful hairstylist and owner of Snob Life Studios, Ming Lee.

Word on the blogs is that the two are currently dating. Ming and Ross showed up draped in furs and after the sparklers diffused and the bottles were popped the two left the club together in Ross’ Maybach.

Guess the boss got rid of ole’ girl he was tounging down on the gram a few months back. Never forget.

Recently Ming posted a photo on Instagram wearing a ‘Black Bottle Girls’ jacket in support of Ross’ Belaire Rose champagne. In return Ross showed love to Ming after her successful business seminar took place in Atlanta last week with an Instagram post.

At first we thought maybe the two were possibly in business together, were we wrong?

See more flicks below. (more…)

Watch: Toya Wright Talks Dealing With Groupies While Married To Lil’ Wayne

photo 2 (46) photo 1 (44) photo 3 (24)

The Toya Wright that we know now is a successful business woman and happily married to Memphitz but her life wasn’t always so sweet. We were introduced to the New Orleans native through her ex-husband Lil’ Wayne who she began dating at the age of 13. Wayne and Toya were married for 2 years and they got married at a very young age and just as we would imagine the relationship was somewhat hectic.

Yesterday Toya sat down with VLAD TV for an exclusive interview where she talked about a few of the things that went on during the marriage. For instance dealing with “groupies”, getting kicked out of high school over Wayne, her car being vandalized and more. It got so bad that she eventually decided to pack up and leave the city. She told Vlad:

Woo! It’s been some crazy stories. One time a girl spray painted my car pink. I used to just have to deal with so much. I had to just get out of the city. I was like, ‘Its time for me to leave’ like this is not going too well. But I had fans spray paint my car, they would scratch it up I mean just all kind of crazy stuff. Put stuff in the mail box I mean it was just weird.

She says now she and Wayne laugh about these things, they have a great relationship and they do a great job at co-parenting.

Watch it below. (more…)

Watch: Idris Elba Makes K. Michelle Break Down In New Lyric Video? “Maybe I Should Call”

photo 1 (43) photo 2 (45) photo 3 (23)

Gotta love the fact that K. Michelle is an open book. 

In the most recent page out of K. Michelle’s diary the singer is letting us all in on another one of her relationships. K’s new song Maybe I Should Call is said to be a reflection of her previous relationship with actor Idris Elba. The reality star revealed these details during an interview that took place during her AnyoneWanna Buy A Heart album listening party. When she was asked if the song was about Idris she fought back the tears before stating:

I will always love him and that’s all I’m going to say

So it isn’t shocking to see her totally break down in her new lyric video for the song.

And don’t act like Idris wouldn’t have the same affect on you. Ha!

Watch the video below.  (more…)

Happy Now?! Blue Ivy Rocks A Bun While Shopping With Beyonce And Jay Z


Grill em’… HA!

Beyonce and Jay Z did some shopping inside of a Beverly Hills’ Saks with Blue Ivy yesterday during a family outing.

The 2 year old looked adorable wearing a pink dress and leather bomber. She was photographed making silly faces on her daddy’s hip as the two of them walked out of Saks together with her bun in tow.

Blue Ivy shut the critics up with her new hair do which entailed a neat bun with the baby hairs on fleek. Now what, hehe?

See more photos below. (more…)

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